Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Should The Coronavirus Alter Our Dating Behavior?

With cases of the coronavirus rapidly spreading throughout the country, it’s important to be safe when going out on dates.

With a global pandemic on the loose, it’s natural to start worrying about everyday activities, such as going to work, meeting up with friends and going on dates. While the coronavirus is not transmitted through sex, it is transmitted through respiratory particles. So, making out with a stranger might not be your best idea.

Governments from around the world have started implementing social distancing, suggesting that people should steer clear of each other by at least 3-feet. This puts a serious damper on the dating world, with Tinder sending out notifications to keep people safe and Bumble adding a voice call and video chat feature, so people can chat with their dates instead of meeting out in the real world.

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But most experts believe that foregoing dating all together is a little extreme. “I do not believe we need to shut down dating amid the coronavirus. In young, healthy adults, there is a very low risk of contracting serious consequences of the illness,” explained Dr. Taylor Graber to Mashable.

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When speaking to Vox, Anna Muldoon, former science policy adviser at the US Department of Health and Human Services, said that when enduring a pandemic, life must go on as usual, even if some behaviors should be tinkered with. People who go on dates should be more honest about their health, and cancel meet-ups if they’re not feeling okay. “I would love it if people would do that all the time, partly because it’s better for all of us as humans if we’re kind to each other like that,” says Muldoon.

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When it comes to one night stands, Muldoon says people should converse more openly and have a certain amount of wariness. Since it’s a one night stand and you don’t really know this person, they might not be as forthcoming as someone you’re dating or someone you’re in a relationship with.

So, carry on with your life with as much care as possible. And if you feel sick or like you might be coming down with something, don’t go out. That includes bars, restaurants, parks and dates. Don’t put other people at risk.


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