Sunday, June 16, 2024

Netflix Introduces Binge Watching Mode So You Can Never Leave The House Again

It took Netflix a couple of years to really discover what they were meant to do. Once they uncovered the goldmine that is online streaming, they changed TV forever, including the way it’s made and consumed, leading to the creation of terms that we use and hear in our day to day lives like binge-watching. Seriously, it’s in the dictionary. 

During Netflix’s Hack Day, a yearly event where their employees present fresh ideas, the company discussed and introduced their latest binge-watching feature, which allows you to keep track of your shows and to see how much time it’ll take for you to complete the entirety of it, or maybe just a couple of seasons.

This feature is meant to help you organize your day and to make time for what’s truly important, which is watching even more TV. The down side of it is that it’ll also tell you how much time you’ve spent in front of a screen, binge watching like there’s no tomorrow. It’s not fun when Netflix tells you that you haven’t left your apartment for a couple of days. 

The binge mode feature will display timeline bars for their different shows, tracking your progress through the series, showing you all you’ve been through and how much you have left. This all sounds great for people who love to organize and manage their time, just remember to turn binge mode off when you have guests over. You don’t really want them to know how much time you spend on Netflix.


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