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The Best 7 Movies To Watch While High

In times of stress it’s very important to keep an entertaining and engaging watch list.

Aside from cleaning supplies, food and weed, one of the most important parts of your quarantine should be a decent watch list, filled with movies for different moods and occasions — like extreme boredom.

With all the stress surrounding us, it can be easy to smoke all the weed in your house in one sitting, which will likely feel great for about a day but is most definitely a bad idea. Making a routine, even if it feels pointless, is important in times of stress, because it keeps you healthy and grounded; a better alternative than to feel like you’re living through one endless and particularly boring weekend.

When it’s time to chill out and escape the news, there’s no better combination than weed and a movie, especially movies that pair perfectly with your mood. Here are 7 movies you can stream that will distract you, freak you out, or whatever it is you need in this time of crisis:


Booksmart was one of the most critically acclaimed comedies of 2019, earning plenty of recognition, nominations and wins for important awards. It’s also a genuinely great movie, featuring a cast of young actors that are posed to move on to other great films. Booksmart follows the script of the “crazy night” teen movies, where fish out of water characters try to have the best night of their lives only to run into a lot of trouble and learn a big lesson afterwards. You can stream it on Hulu.


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Earning Academy Award nominations and inspiring the still strong trend of women-led R-rated comedies, Bridesmaids, aside from being hilarious, is also a surprisingly complete and touching story. Annie (Kristen Wiig) is going through a bad time in her life, only to learn that her best friend is getting married. Disasters on airplanes, bridal shops and bachelorette parties ensue. You can stream it on HBO Go.

Scary Movie

The Scary Movie franchise is not known for its quality storylines, but the first couple of ones were hilarious, featuring iconic performances by Anna Faris and Regina Hall. I doubt there’s a funnier and sillier movie to watch while high trying to escape the real world. You can stream it on Netflix.

Pan’s Labyrinth

Directed by Guillermo del Toro, Pan’s Labyrinth is an imaginative movie, with trippy monsters and special effects that can only be augmented by some weed. It’s a good option for viewers who are looking for something more thought provoking and challenging than a stoner comedy. You can stream it on Netflix.

Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse

Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse managed to do the impossible: introduce something fresh and exciting into the exploited super hero genre. The narrative is inventive and the movie is self-aware, making jokes and relying on the fact that you’re already well acquainted with Spider-man‘s world. The animation is also bright and sharp, keeping you engaged even under a super strong high. You can stream it on Netflix.

Long Shot

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In every stoner movie list there must be a Seth Rogen film. Instead of sticking with stoner classics like Pineapple Express and Superbad, Long Shot is one of his most recent films. Directed by Rogen’s long-time collaborator Jonathan Levine, Long Shot is a romantic comedy that is funny and touching, featuring great performances from Rogen and Charlize Theron. You can stream it on HBO Go.

High Life

High Life is probably the most challenging movie in this list, one that might be made more accessible if you smoke some weed and embrace all the weirdness in it with a laugh. Starring Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche, High Life can be watched plenty of times with all viewings adding new elements to discover. There’s also no better combination than space movies and weed. You can stream it on Amazon Prime.


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