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This Week’s Music: The National, Carly Rae Jepsen And Justin Bieber

This week's column features The National's new song, Carly Rae Jepsen's "Too Much," and Justin Bieber & Ed Sheeran's collaboration.

CBD Oil For Wellness: Why Not All Doctors Are Buying The...

CBD is now mainstream, popping up in food, cocktails, makeup and topicals. But some doctors aren't convinced of its healing properties.

Meme Of The Week: This Dancing Pikachu Video Created Millions Of...

Before the film's official release, Ryan Reynolds retweeted an hour and 40 minutes long video that looked a lot like a leak of the movie. It wasn't. It was a link from an imposter account featuring an extremely long loop of Pikachu dancing.

WATCH: Where Does Every Presidential Candidate Stand On Marijuana?

Check out all this video so you can quickly understand where the various 2020 presidential candidates stand on cannabis legislation and reform.

5 Videos Of Cute Animals To Get You Through The Week

This week's column features a pug who snores really really loudly; a poodle who's somehow resting comfortably inside a bag, a baby duck having a bath, and a cat who's tongue gets stuck in a sweater.

The One Reason Chelsea Handler Will Never Recommend A Marijuana Facial

Chelsea Handler, who's promoting her new book 'Life Will Be The Death Of Me,' says when marijuana gets into your pores, it affects your body differently.

Does George R.R. Martin Hate The Way ‘Game of Thrones’ Is...

George R.R. Martin opined that he has “mixed feelings” about the show's concluding, but his feelings on 'Lost' are potentially more revealing.

Bored? Here Are 5 Hobbies You Can Learn Online

Since the list of possible hobbies is endless, here are five popular and simple ones that you can learn online. They'll hopefully not only satisfy you, but leave you with an impressive skill.

Here’s A Quick Primer On When To Use The Terms ‘Marijuana’,...

Everyone seems to be using the terms "cannabis" and "marijuana" interchangeably. And the word "hemp" is also rising in popularity. But does it matter which term you use?

Meghan Markle Was Rushed To Hospital Despite Plan For A Home...

Despite rumors Meghan was going to give birth to her first child with the help of a doula at home, the Duchess was reportedly rushed to the hospital by Harry's security team Sunday night.