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Which Area In The US Poses The Biggest Threat To Your Safety?

With an abundance of natural disasters at the forefront of our minds, it’s reasonable to wonder which places in the country are the safest to live in. Wildfires, tornadoes, floodings, and hurricanes occur several times a year, leaving devastating consequences that take years and millions of dollars to recover from.

This question poses no easy answer. Different areas in the US consist of different elements and are thus prone to different natural disasters. Popular Science spoke with experts and mapped out the dangers that affect different areas of the country. “Volcanic eruptions are more common in the western states. Most are located in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii.

Earthquakes are likewise common on the west coast, but also happen in portions of the central and eastern United States. In fact, a series of large earthquakes ripped through the area surrounding New Madrid, Missouri in 1811 and 1812.” Wildfires abound in the west, snowstorms are popular in the Midwest and on northeastern states, while hurricanes and tropical storms commonly concentrate along the eastern seaboard and near the Gulf of Mexico.

There’s really some sort of natural danger everywhere in the US, especially when you account for the fact that it’s such a large country with a wide variety of climates and landscapes. “If I had to pick one area that probably is the least risky, I’d go with eastern Montana,” says David Applegate, deputy director of the United States Geological Survey. “And I’m sure they could [still] come up with impacts in terms of extreme cold and potentially drought and prairie fires.”

According to an analysis that looked into the death and damages caused by natural disasters, researchers found that the places that had experienced the most expensive disasters include Florida (with damages caused by Hurricanes, flooding and fires) and California (with earthquakes, floodings, storms, and fires). When it comes to the most death caused by nature, Texas ranks in the first place due to severe weather and flooding, and Illinois ranks in second place due to it’s powerful urban heat waves.

In order to prevent such expansive damages and protect our properties and lives, the thing our representatives must do is device strategies that teach us how to behave on these situations. Technology is advancing and can help experts build special buildings that are earthquake and flood resistant.  Authorities are also working on devising better warning systems in case of emergencies that can gain us more time and save lives. As for your part in all of this, try to avoid stressing out, since it’s nature and it can’t be stopped. If you want to learn more, you can find more information on this website.


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