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Cool Cats: 10 Kitties That Are Over It And Ready For Winter

As we’re entering the fall and getting ready for the holidays and festivities, you can start acclimating yourself with this adorable list of happy (mostly unhappy, actually) cats that are wearing the coziest sweaters known to catkind. You’re welcome.

The Over It Cat

Cleo in Cat Sweater

This cat doesn’t look like a sweater lover but that doesn’t make this picture any less cute. In fact, it makes it cuter.

Santa’s Little Helper

Krammer's Christmas Sweater

Conversely, this cat seems to be more comfortable with the holidays., and is rocking that red sweater.

The Cool Cat

Charlie Gentlecat

This cat looks right at home, like he could set the table for the Thanksgiving meal and make the toast before dinner.

Grouchy Green Cat

the christmas sweater is back.

Is that the Grinch?

Super-Grouchy Green Cat

No, this is the Grinch.

The Kitty Thinker

This thoughtful cat is the picture of fall. We can almost hear the leaves crackling.

Sweet Kitty Meow Meow

This is a present we’d all love to unwrap.

Twinsie Cats!

What’s better than a cat wearing a sweater? Two cats wearing sweaters!

The Furbaby Cat

Don’t. Ask. ? #sphynxcat #sphynxlair #sphynxswag #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #catsweater #funny

A photo posted by Mr. Arlo (@the.dark_lord) on

Killing it with that onesie.

Professor SkinMeow II

The Lord of Cat Town #sphynx #catsweater #americanapparel #Lordsofgastown @lordsofgastown @cats_of_instagram

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Creed II, anyone?


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