Cops Bust Speeder With Fully-Dressed Mannequin in Passenger Seat

Earlier this week, a Washington State Trooper pulled over a man for going 81 MPH...

Brave Raccoon Set Free After Highly-Publicized Ride on Trash Truck

On Friday, Politico reporter Helena B. Evich spotted a raccoon hanging on for dear life...

Master Of Fortune Cookie Writer Quits Because Of Writer’s Block

The man responsible for the best part of every Chinese takeout meal, the fortune cookie, has quit his post. He’s got a serious case of writer’s block.

11 People Who Perfectly Capture The Existential Horror That Is Public Transportation

The act of riding public transportation isn’t so bad. It gets you, mostly reliably, from one place to another. It also sucks, as documented here.

WATCH: Michael Bolton Sings Coffee Orders To Bewildered Customers

"Are you going to ask me to sing or something? And that's how this video of Michael Bolton singing coffee orders to strangers begins.

3 Heroic Pets Who Adorably Rescued Their Humans From Great Danger

it’s not always the large animals that end up as heroes; on occasion it’s a less assuming pet. Here are 3 three examples of pets getting big on bravery.

Alabama Town Names Itself “Official Bigfoot Capital”

Evergreen is the state’s most important city now that its council members have voted to designate it as Official Bigfoot Capital of Alabama.

Trash Dove: This Purple Goodness Is Our New Favorite Meme

Memes are like the bread and butter of the internet. Trash Dove is the latest offering and it’s as incoherent as a meme can possible be, which is a lot.

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The sex doll is not a new idea, but this very realistic looking Japanese one is the latest innovation in terms of sex toys, and the priciest commodity for bachelor parties.

Can’t Stop The Cute: Watch The Best Moments Of Bao Bao The Panda

As part of a celebration for Bao Bao’s departure, the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington,...