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Is That Instagram Of Snoop Dogg And Kurt Cobain Smoking Marijuana...

Over the 4th of July weekend, Snoop Dogg posted a #throwbackthursday that seemed destined to become a Hot Topic poster

Dogs Of Instagram: The Chihuahua

This tiny breed weighs no more than six pounds, but is full of personality and Big Dog attitude.

Stop What You’re Doing And Look At These 14 Dogs On...

Sometimes you don't need stories with deep meaning or depressing facts. Sometimes all you need is a stream of photos of dogs on floaties...

10 Fireworks Displays That Are Better Than Anything You’ll See Tonight

Here are 10 spectacular fireworks shows to give you all the feels this Independence Day.  

5 Videos Of Cute Animals To Get You Through This Week:...

This week's column features a lot of adorable animals, including a smiley puppy, a donkey who is not enjoying the fact that it's Wednesday, and more!

Dogs Of Instagram: The Greyhound

In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog. Sadly, for years the Greyhound has been a breed used mostly for racing and profit, and not as pets.

Weedstagram: ‘The High Circle’ Is The Least Political And Most Fun...

The High Circle won't change the mind of the unconverted, posting images of weed and donuts (because they make such a great paring) and really big joints in the shape of planes.

Dogs Of Instagram: Afghan Hound

One of the most striking breeds is also one of the oldest. According to an ancient myth, the Afghan hound represents the dogdom on Noah's Arc.

Dogs Of Instagram: Bernedoodle

Combining the intelligence of the poodle and the goofy energy of the Bernese mountain dog, the Bernedoodle makes for the perfect active family companion.

Dogs Of Instagram: Great Dane

With a stature measuring up to 32 inches tall and a weight exceeding 175 pounds, adopting a Great Dane is a serious commitment. It's no wonder the breed is referred to as the "Apollo of Dogs".