Monday, February 17, 2020
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Trash Dove: This Purple Goodness Is Our New Favorite Meme

Memes are like the bread and butter of the internet; the more you try to escape them, the more they keep popping up. Trash Dove is the latest one and it’s as incoherent as a meme can possible be, which is a lot.

This purple little bird has invaded the web and has people from all over the world brainstorming and coming up with ways to repurpose it, making Trash Dove go viral all over again in an endless loop of purple thrashing birds. Here are some of our favorite posts: 

On Twitter:

On Facebook (where there’s a Trash Dove community):

You may wonder when did the Trash Dove become a Meme monster, and why it’s all over the place, which can be answered with the bird’s incredible inception post: 

The bird was originally created by artist Syd Weiler, who probably didn’t expect her artwork to be called trash and to become a head banging worldwide sensation. Feel free to use the dove whenever: as a Facebook sticker, as a way to vent out some stress, or to express your current state of mind. Trash Dove is versatile.



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