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Are You Ready? Best #ThanksgivingFails Of All Time

Ah, Thanksgiving. The prepping, the traveling, the family. It can all be just a little bit (read: very) stressful. Enter #ThanksgivingFails.

In the short amount of time before it’s all over, there are so many things to be done. Whether you need to arrange travel plans, figure out what dishes to make, or just mentally prepare yourself for that one family member who wants to make their obnoxious political views known, we feel you.

So, before you start panicking about who’s got the mashed potatoes covered and if there will be enough vegan options — the green beans slathered in canned gravy will not suffice — enjoy these #ThanksgivingFails from the families who most definitely ended up ordering takeout.

Turkey Fire!

The little boy at the end had his priorities straight: “GET THE TURKEY!”

Fido Gets His

#baddog #thanksgiving #labs #thanksgivingfail

A photo posted by Amanda Petty (@apetty03) on

Actually, this was the plan all along.

Dining Room Blazin’

Dining room table on fire. Happy Thanksgiving! @rlatulipe #thanksgiving #fire #help #smoke #hilarious

A photo posted by kristen luh-tulip (@kerstyyy) on

Who said they liked their turkey a little crispy?

When Dinner Attacks

This is how we feel about that one talkative aunt.

From Pie To Pudding

I shall call this “Why We Always Make Two.” ??????

A photo posted by Linda Maus (@yindamausome) on

Only the highest quality for the family.

Pizza For Dinner

Saga of a half fried turkey on the blog ☺️ #thanksgivingfail #endedupdelicious @wlbowie

A photo posted by Lauren Bowie (@laurenlbowie) on

Half a deep fried turkey coming up.

Sides Of Fire

mom may have burnt the marshmallows on the sweet potatoes just a little #oops #fire #thanksgivingfail

A photo posted by Arielle Nadler (@legend_waitforit_ari) on

When Turkey-day needs a little chill.

And one last video compilation to get you in the holiday spirit.

We hope your Thanksgiving goes a little more smoothly.


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