Woman Born Without Vagina Raising Money To Have Sex With Boyfriend

Kaylee Moats, from Arizona, was born with a rare condition called MRKH, a disease that affects a small percentage of women; 1 in every 5,000.

Cheapskate: Here’s How Much Your State Sucks At Tipping

If you live in this state, apparently it's common for people to leave just 14.8 percent, making them the worst tippers in the country.

Genius Burglar Doesn’t Flush And Gets Caught Because Of DNA

A burglar broke into a house in the city of Thousand Oaks, California and policemen were surprised to find that the toilet of the house hadn't been flushed.

This Stranded Man Survived On His Own Urine And A Beer

A combination of trusting Google Maps and bad car luck left this man stranded in the desert for days. in what must be the worst road trip ever.

What You Need To Know About Two-Headed Sharks Before Your Next Vaca

It’s a terrifying image to be sure: that blue-coated creature with its underbelly splitting at the neck: Two-headed sharks attacking.

4 Signs You Need To Send Back That Bottle Of Wine

A bottle of wine is a surprisingly fragile thing, and I’m not just talking about what happens when you leave it too close to the edge of the table

This Guy Tried To Shoot An Armadillo—And It Shot Back

Shooting an armadillo is a jerk move. What could these armored, docile creatures possibly do to piss someone off so badly that they deserve to get shot at?

The Real Reason Kylie Jenner Didn’t Go To Her High School Prom

There are a lot of things Kylie Jenner could be sad about: having four older annoying sisters, a demanding momager, and PROM.

Dunkin’ Is Dropping ‘Donuts’ From Its Name And Nobody Cares

Dunkin' has a nice ring to it, especially considering Dunkin' Donuts sells a lot more than doughnuts these days.

A Woman Ordered A Vegan Meal In Spain, Immediately Regretted It

Ordering a vegan meal in restaurants can be tricky enough, but traveling abroad? Who even knows how the words "vegan meal" will translate?