Top 8 Weird Tech Jobs Of The Not-Too-Distant Future

The relentless progression of tech demands that we adapt and not fear change. Here are some tech jobs you can start training for right now.

Idiot-Proof Avocados Are Here Because People Keep Hurting Themselves

It's a pitless variety dubbed the "cocktail avocado" and it's only being offered at Marks & Spencer through December. Idiot-proof avocados!

Woman Parks In Police Chief’s Parking Spot While Smoking Marijuana

A woman was charged with possession of marijuana, and was charged again later for smoking marijuana while parked in the town's chief of police's spot.

10 Very Weird Christmas Traditions From Around The World

The holiday season includes many things; spending time with family, eating a lot of food, and some really weird shit depending on the country you live in.

There’s A Reason Why One Armpit Smells Worse Than The Other

It’s very common for one armpit to be more smelly than the other one.

10 Weird Sex Facts You Probably Don’t Know About

Sex is a topic that never stops arousing our interest. Scientists are always discovering new sex facts that make us question gender in general.

‘Love Fumes’ From Viagra Plant Giving Locals ‘Enormous Sexual Powers’

Pfizer has manufactured Viagra, the erectile dysfunction blue pill, in the small Ireland village of Ringaskiddy along the Southern coast for two decades.

This $280 Mega Scarf Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

It's a mohair "tube" listed under the "scarves" section of the Bulgarian designer's website. It literally covers you from head to toe.

These Minor Instagram Celebs Were Arrested For Showing Their Butts At A Temple

A San Diego couple known to thousands on Instagram as "Traveling Butts" is now infamous for a very different reason: they were arrested for baring their bottoms at a holy site.

Electro-Stimulation Is A Sex Thing And There Are Toys That Help

Electro-stimulation is a practice where people attach electrodes to their genitals and hit the on switch. Painful? Joyful? We have questions.