Facial Recognition Software Has A Bias Towards White Men

New research from MIT reinforces the idea that facial recognition software is subject to biases due to the data sets provided, and the way in which these algorithms are created.

Why Does Booze Make Some People Mean?

Scientists in Australia decided to study the human drunk brain, and found some interesting results.

This Denim Mini Skirt-Looking Thing Is Actually A $405 Belt

This denim "belt" is pushing the boundaries fashion and good sense. What basically amounts to a chunk of old denim is available through Net-A-Porter for $405.

Nashville Law Enforcement Agencies Have No Clue What CBD Is

It's yet another episode of the "Can Our Law Enforcement Officials Be Even More Ignorant About Cannabis?" show. This one takes place in Tennessee and it plays out like Keystone Cops.

People In This Small English Town Are Worried About ‘Graveyard Sex’

Residents of a small town in England are worried that a proposed new wine bar would lead to unspeakable behavior, including more graveyard sex (you read that correctly, more graveyard sex).

Burger King Won’t Hire You If You Say You’re Smart

We can learn a lot about how fast food restaurants run from Daniel Schwartz, the CEO of the restaurant group that owns Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes.

Apple Teases Great New Secret Feature On iPhones

Caught in the midst of battery scandals and code leaks, the company is spending tons of energy trying to fix bugs and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Former NRA President: Let Medical Marijuana Patients Have Guns

David Keene wrote in the Washington Times Wednesday, the federal government’s Schedule I drug classification for marijuana causes significant problems for gun owners.

Standoff With Tiger Ends When Cops Realize It’s A Large Stuffed Animal

In Scotland, a farmer called the police in a panic, claiming there was a tiger near his cowshed and that he needed immediate assistance.

Published iPhone Source Code Is ‘Biggest Leak In History’

"The biggest leak in history" occurred when an unknown user uploaded bits of the iOS 9 code, called the iBoot, onto Github, opening doors for hackers and others to catch a glimpse of the phone's software.