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4 Things To Consider When Looking For A Medical Marijuana Doctor

Finding the right medical marijuana doctor might take some time and patience. Here are some things you should consider when looking for one.

Doctors who will prescribe you medical marijuana are just as important as primary care physicians. What works for one person may not work for another; it all depends on personality, the conditions you’re treating, the state where you live and more.

Knowing that there’s no “one size fits all” approach may help you experience less stress when looking for your ideal medical marijuana doctor, especially since it’s still such a foreign process. Here are 4 things you should consider during your search:

Qualifying conditions

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The internet is a great source of knowledge, if you know where to look. Don’t trust random Facebook, Twitter or other types of blog posts; make sure that the information you’re reading is verified and belongs to a trusted source.

The first thing you should check when getting started with your medical marijuana doctor search is your state’s list of qualifying conditions. While some states are more lenient and allow medical marijuana to treat conditions like insomnia, others are more specific and reserve it for more severe medical conditions.

When it comes to finding your doctor, use online tools like, which can connect you with doctors according to your zip code.


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States require medical marijuana doctors to have an MD, DO, or some degree in order to treat patients. Before they got they got their permits to grant medical marijuana cards, they must have had experience practicing medicine. It’s important for your doctor to have the necessary training in order to know whether cannabis can have reactions with other types of medications or if it’s effective depending on the disease it’s treating. Before you sign up to a doctor, take the time to do your research.

Red flags

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While it’s difficult to judge doctors based on a list, you should be a bit more thorough than usual with medical marijuana doctors. Make sure your doctor has been around for a while, having at least a couple of years of medical experience. Look out for medical board sanctions, strange or tacky advertising (like on bus benches and billboards), and how they behave themselves when meeting you. If your doctor spends 10 minutes with you and is already handing you a prescription, tread carefully.

Can your primary physician refer you?

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A lot of people turn to medical marijuana when treating a chronic condition. If this is your case, you can ask your primary care physician about how to access marijuana and if they’re willing to connect you with someone who has experience in this area. Your doctor’s response will vary depending on your relationship with them, the state where you live and the condition that’s being treated.


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