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5 Habits For Marijuana Users To Develop

There’s nothing quite like getting the opportunity to start fresh! Here are some ways you can reboot your relationship with marijuana in the new year.

As another year comes to a close it is time to contemplate the things we did well and those that we can improve upon. Many people make resolutions this time of year, and others opt to simply improve upon the past and slowly develop some new habits.

If you are a regular cannabis user, you might have some new habits you are trying to form, or maybe one or two old ones you are trying to break. There are all sorts of ways you can incorporate new positive habits into your cannabis-friendly lifestyle.

Whether you want to cut down on how much you spend on weed, or learn more about what you are smoking, this list of the top five habits to develop in the New Year will have you ready to embrace next year with an optimistic and focused mindset.

Educate Yourself on Your Local Weed 

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According to Gallup, 16% of Americans use marijuana and 48% have at least tried it. While this accounts for millions of people, only a small percentage of these users are likely to know much more than the classical differences between “sativa” and “indica.” If you regularly use cannabis, make it a point to learn more about exactly what you are smoking.

Consider reading about the growers in your state and understanding the strains that you smoke. You might even learn why certain strains thrive in your region. Research landrace strains, and find out which growers are using environmentally friendly and organic growing techniques, and try and support those brands. People have grown much more conscious about the type of food they consume, and perhaps it is time to do the same when it comes to weed.

Look Into Healthier Ways to Consume Weed

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Sure, marijuana is considered healthier than lots of its alternatives, like alcohol for socialization and opioids for pain, but smoking it is not helping your lungs. Smoking pretty much anything damages your lungs, and marijuana is no exception. As we previously reported, “Smoking weed leads to the deposit of four times the amount of tar than smoking tobacco, and may increase the risk of lung cancer.”

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Try reducing the amount of marijuana you smoke, and switching to some lung-friendly alternatives. Edibles are an obvious choice. But if you are looking for more fast-acting products, consider cannabis beverages and alcohol-based tinctures.

Embrace Activities With Mindful Breathing

4 Perks Of Taking A Cannabis Tolerance Break
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In addition to seeking alternatives to smoking and even vaping marijuana, you can also work to get the most out of your breathing. Mindful breathing has all sorts of benefits that can enhance the lives of any cannabis user.

In addition to some simple mindful breathing exercises, activities like yoga and meditation also incorporate breath exercise into many of their practices. 

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In addition to lowering anxiety, mindful breathing can, according to Insider, “help with burnout, provide certain types of pain relief, and decrease negative thinking.” So give breathing exercises and mindful breathing a chance. It can help your lungs, and have all sorts of other benefits.

Try Folding Exercise Into Your Weed Routine

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Exercise is at the top of almost everyone’s New Year’s resolutions list. Developing an exercise habit, however, is not always that easy. Exercise can be tedious, difficult and altogether dreadful if it feels like an obligation. But some find incorporating marijuana into exercise helpful.

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As we recently reported, there are several benefits of incorporating cannabis into your fitness routine, including minimizing pain and inflammation, and boosting your energy. In fact, marijuana can be helpful at mitigating all sorts of negative feelings you associate with exercise. So try a non-hazardous and low impact cardio workout with marijuana and see if you find it easier to achieve your New Year’s fitness goals.

Schedule Seasonal Tolerance Breaks

tolerance break
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If you use cannabis pretty much every day you have almost certainly noticed that over time you need more and more procure to feel the effects. In fact, you might find that the high you once felt now escapes you altogether. This is common with most substances, as our bodies develop tolerances to the substance. 

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When you take a tolerance break you are basically setting the clock back to day one. A tolerance break once every few months can have lots of benefits. A tolerance break can help you save money, since you won’t need as much weed to get high. It will also make your high more intense since you have given your body a break. Scheduling these breaks and sticking to them is the most effective way to ensure your tolerance does not get out of control, or lead to dependence.


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