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Best Tips To Roll Your Own Joint

New year, new skills! Canoeing is a term used to describe the uneven burning of a joint. If you want to be old school – here are tips to roll a blunt

More and more people are starting are being more open about their marijuana use.  In fact, 90% of citizens want some form of legal cannabis.  While gummies are the most popular way people use, joints are still the classic.  You can buy pre-rolls, but some still enjoy rolling their own.  But it is tough and it can mean the blunt can burn unevenly.  Here are the best tips to roll your own joint.

Canoeing has nothing to do with experience because even the most experienced smokers occasionally have their blunts shaped like canoes.

marijuana joint
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What Is Canoeing?

Canoeing is a term used to describe the uneven burning of a joint. The blunt burns more on one side than the other, and trust me, and this takes the fun out of smoking. Imagine coming home after a long day, taking the time to roll a blunt, only for the joint to canoe after a few drags. It sometimes gets infuriating. To derive the most satisfaction from your joint, you must try everything possible to avoid canoeing.

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Joint canoeing is a problem. No one wants to take the time to smoke a joint which only smolders on one end. The blunt-taking appearance of a canoe is not the main problem but the effects of this uneven burning. When a joint canoes, it results in less-satisfying drags, faster-burning flowers, and a coarser, denser taste and smell. Overall, joint canoeing is more or less a waste of paper and cannabis flowers.

How to Avoid Having an Unevenly Burning Joint

If you immediately you notice your joint canoeing, there are quick fixes for you to remedy the situation, but it’s best to avoid the occurrence altogether. You have to take caution from the very beginning—which is grinding. Novice smokers often make the mistake of loosely rolling their joints and filling them with air pockets. And there are times when you could light your blunt in the wrong manner. There are various things could go wrong, from grinding to pulling on your joint. Here are some steps to follow to prevent canoeing.

  • Properly Grind Your Weed

This is the first step to ensuring your joint is perfectly rolled to burn at the same rate on all sides. If your weed is not crushed correctly from the start, then there’s very little you can do to correct the canoeing anomaly. Thanks to innovations in the weed industry, smokers have no reason to grind their weed with their fingers. You can check out the best weed grinders on the market to ensure your weed is reduced to uniform-sized particles. Equal-sized particles burn at the same rates, which is what you should be after.

  • Evenly Roll Your Joints

Tightly or loosely packed joints always burn unevenly. After grinding your herb to get the same-sized particles, you have to distribute it across the rolling paper evenly. Not too tight and not too loose, and all sides have to contain the same amount of plant materials. You can use your finger to press the herbs down or a sharp-edged ruler to trim off the excess materials before you roll.

marijuana cannabis joint
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The key to achieving an evenly rolled joint is consistency. It would be best if you did not overpay your joint. This would only make it difficult for you to drag. While a loose pack will have different air gaps, What you want is a tight roll void of lumps and bumps. If you can’t get the hang of rolling your joint evenly, you can purchase a rolling machine. Make sure you go for products with high ratings on the market, as these would guarantee you’d get an even burn.

  • Aptly Light Your Joint

At this point, you should have a precisely rolled joint. However, the probability of your joint canoeing is still very much available. Lighting your joint the right way is another major step to avoiding canoeing.

Some spark up their buds and start puffing away. It is more complex than this. Once you light the tip, you have to rotate the joint slowly to ensure the tip is perfectly lit. As soon as this is done, take short little puffs on the joint, and keep spinning. This way, the joint burns at a uniform rate, and the weed flowers are not wasted.

Avoid taking deep drags immediately after the blunt is lit. It could result in one area burning slower than the other.

Other Pointers to Prevent Joint Canoeing

While the major factors causing canoeing joints have been highlighted above, there are other preventive steps you can adopt to reduce your chances of ending up with a duff joint.

  • Cure your buds before using

If you grow your own cannabis at home, you must not smoke your buds immediately after harvest. Instead, you have to take your time to dry or cure these buds for a smoother smoke. Skipping the curing stage results in canoeing, less flavorful buds with reduced potency. When buds are properly cured, it would be easier to break them down into uniform sizes.

  • Use high-quality marijuana and smoking materials.

The best cannabis flowers Try not to cut costs by purchasing rolling papers of inferior quality. The type of rolling paper you use could make or break your rolling technique. You could have perfectly ground buds and have bad roll-ups if your papers are bad. The best rolling papers are thin yet robust. They are produced from rice or hemp materials. You can experiment with different brands of rolling papers to find the one which suits you best.

marijuana joint
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  • Include Concentrates

This is not compulsory as not every smoker likes mixing products like hash or resin with their herbs. This is recommended because of the different burning temperatures of each. If concentrated and adequately mixed with herbs, it would slow down the burning rate of the plant materials. It’s nice concentrates increase the potency of the joint; hence, you must exercise caution when adding them.

If you feel you aren’t up to the task of rolling or grinding your weed perfectly, don’t hesitate to buy the appropriate portable machines. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You could also consider switching to high-quality pre-rolled joints. If you stick to the tips in this article, you’ll be smoking perfect joints in no time. Just go ahead and say goodbye to unevenly burning joints. It could take you a few tries to get it right. As they say, practice makes perfect!



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