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How Many Milligrams Of THC Is Too Much?

It might not be possible to fatally overdose on weed, but you sure can have so much that you wish you never got high in the first place. Here’s how to avoid that.

Although we hear it time and time again, we often have to learn the hard way that there is truth in the phrase “having too much of a good thing.” This saying, while annoying when uttered by our worrying parents when we eat candy as children, can be painfully true when it comes to marijuana consumption. What starts off as a delicious edible and relaxing high can potentially lead to an overwhelming burst of anxiety, paranoia and heart pounding. This is where the “too much” part comes into play.

When it comes to marijuana, it might not be possible to overdose in the classical sense when you think of a drug overdose and the death associated with it, but you sure can have so much that you wish you never got high in the first place. So in order to prevent an event that involves you thoroughly delirious and/or paranoid, you should probably know how much weed is too much for you, and how to avoid getting to that point.  

Standard Dose Vs. Too Much

If you are looking to find a “serving size” of THC, you will quickly learn that the number of milligrams for a “serving” fluctuates based on who you ask and what state you are in. Scientists, for example, use 5 mg doses in most tests, as this creates a standard, and often subjects in the study feel the desired effects at that level. Experts recommend starting off with 2.5 mg of THC, and to not exceed 40 mg of THC per day.

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In some states you can get a single edible that is 10mg, which sort of implies the serving size could be 10 mg in those places, while other states have a limited edibles to 5 mg. Ten milligrams is often considered a standard serving for those well-versed in THC consumption. Either way, as a rule of thumb, it is best to go with the one edible, and wait. Exceeding 40 mg, unless you are a seasoned cannabis consumer with a high tolerance, could send you into another dimension, which can be problematic and even dangerous if you weren’t planning on entering said dimension. 

Edibles are the dosages you need to pay closest attention to, since they take so long to kick in. When it comes to smoking and vaping, it is much easier to keep yourself from consuming too many mg of THC at once. You just need to take a few breaks and pay attention to your mind and body to see if you notice any warning signs that you may have had too much.

Warning Signs That You Should Stop Consuming 

One of the best ways to know when it is definitely time to stop consuming is when you start experiencing some of marijuana’s negative side effects. Sure, negative side effects can occur at any dosage, but if you are experiencing more than one, or more than you typically do, it could be you have consumed too many milligrams of THC.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states on its website that while fatal overdoses of marijuana are unlikely, watching out for some of the negative side effects can help keep you from entering a place that renders you out of your own control for several hours. The CDC mentions extreme confusion, anxiety, paranoia, a fast heart rate, increased blood pressure, hallucinations and vomiting as major red flags.

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You might experience one or two of these from time to time, especially if you have a low tolerance or are trying a new strain, but experiencing several of these symptoms means it is time to pump the brakes. Be sure to note the amount of THC you consumed and try halting it the next time you indulge, and go from there.

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Dosing Is Individual, Not A Science

Remember that while following a self-guided THC dosage plan can help you avoid a negative experience of feeling too high, you need to remember there is no exact correlation to milligrams of THC and how high you will be. All sorts of factors play a role in how high a certain amount of weed will get you. 

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From the strain, to the time of day, your weight and what you had for breakfast are just a few of the variables that can make all the difference between 10 mg of THC being perfect or way too much. As we’ve mentioned before, dosages of any substance effect people in different ways. Factors like tolerance, body mass, mindset and more all make a difference. So give yourself time to feel the effects before upping your dosage.

Once you find what works for you, it is probably good not to test the limits, because often the only way to find out how many milligrams of THC is too much is to find out from personal experience, and that’s an experiment you should do your best to avoid.


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