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How To Rehydrate Weed

It’s important to remember that prevention is the key to keeping your weed in good condition. Be sure to store your cannabis in a cool, dark place, ideally in an opaque glass container.

Do you have weed that’s gone a little dry? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’re going to teach you how to rehydrate weed and make it as good as new (or pretty close to it).

We’ll cover methods and tips from how to keep weed moist to how to make your weed sticky. So whether your buds are a little too dry or just not packing the punch you want them to, read on to learn how to rehydrate weed!

How to rehydrate weed

The weed you buy is carefully dried and cured by cultivators to optimize for the right amount of moisture. Cultivators will dry weed to have about a 15% moisture content and then cure it which takes the moisture content down to about 9%. This moisture level works harmoniously with the weed’s cannabinoid and terpene content.

When weed dries out too much, typically below a 6% moisture content, your weed begins to lose its potency. Over time, THC degrades to cannabinol (CBN), which gives your weed a different effect.

Weed dries out when it’s been exposed to too much direct sunlight or oxygen. To prevent yourself from having to learn how to fix dry weed (or how to rehydrate your weed) you should store your cannabis flower in an airtight container that doesn’t allow light in. Place it in a dry cool place, away from direct sunlight.

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But if your weed is already dry, here is an easy-to-follow guide to rehydrate weed.

There are several methods to rehydrate weed. Our preferred method uses natural plant-based material and doesn’t put your cannabis at risk of getting too moist.

What you need to rehydrate cannabis with citrus peel:

  • Your dehydrated weed
  • A fresh citrus fruit (e.g. lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, mandarin)
  • A knife
  • An airtight container (preferably opaque glass if you don’t have this you can use a glass jar, Tupperware container or sandwich bag)
cannabis testing
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How to rehydrate cannabis: step-by-step guide

Step 1: Wash and dry your citrus fruit.

Step 2: Use your knife to carefully remove the peel (no fruit on the interior part of the peel).

Step 3: Place your dehydrated weed into the glass jar.

Step 4: Place peel into the jar so that it is not directly touching your weed (2 inches by 4 inches of citrus peel is sufficient).

Step 5: Close the jar (or whatever container you’re using) so that it is airtight. Store jar in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.

Step 6: Over the next 24 hours open and close the container a couple of times to let air briefly in and out.

Step 7: Once you’ve “aerated” your weed for a day, use your rehydrated cannabis within 24 hours so it stays moist.

If you don’t have citrus available, you can complete this process using a piece of fresh lettuce. The great thing about using citrus fruit is that many of the terpenes are complementary to those found in cannabis, so not only will a citrus peel rehydrate your weed rehydrate, it will also make it smell nice too!

How to keep weed moist

Preventing weed from drying out means figuring out how to keep weed moist. The easiest way to keep weed moist is to ensure you are storing it properly. Many people like to keep their weed in a glass mason jar. This is great to show off your buds to friends and family, but it’s not good for maintaining the quality of your weed. To keep weed from drying out, store your weed in opaque glass jars.

marijuana in jar
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Another option to rehydrate your weed is to invest in a cannabis humidor. Cannabis humidors are built to maximize the freshness of your weed and can be a great investment depending on your needs.

If you’re not a fan of citrus, or the terpenes in a citrus clash with your cannabis strain’s terpene profile, there are other methods to rehydrate your weed.

How to make weed moist again (the paper towel method)

What you need:

  • Your dehydrated weed
  • A paper towel
  • An airtight container (preferably opaque glass if you don’t have this you can use a glass jar, Tupperware container or sandwich bag)

Steps to make weed moist again with a paper towel:

Step 1: Wet your paper towel and squeeze out all the extra water so that it is not dripping.

Step 2: Place your dehydrated weed into the glass jar.

Step 3: Fold your paper towel into a square and place it in the jar, making sure it does not touch your weed. You want rehydrated weed, not wet weed.

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Step 4: Close the jar (or container) so that it is airtight and store away from direct sunlight – somewhere dry and cool.

Step 5: Over the next 24 hours, open and close the container a couple of times to let the air in and out.

Step 6: Once you’ve “aerated” your weed for a day, consume your rehydrated weed within 24 hours.

How to make your weed sticky

Stickiness in weed is the result of two things: resin and humidity of the flower.

  1. The resin in weed is produced and secreted from the trichomes. Resin is like sap and makes weed sticky
  2. Weed’s stickiness is also impacted by its humidity level, which is determined by how much moisture the flower had after processing, the harvest date (i.e. how old it is), and how it was stored.

Prevention is the key to keeping your weed sticky. To make your weed sticky, keep it from drying out.

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Seven tips to keep weed from drying out:

  1. Store in an opaque glass container
  2. Store in a dark place
  3. Store in a cool place
  4. Store in a place that is away from heat sources
  5. Do not place your weed in the refrigerator
  6. Do not freeze your weed in the refrigerator
  7. Don’t purchase too much at once

Final thoughts on rehydrating cannabis

It’s important to remember that prevention is the key to keeping your weed in good condition. Be sure to store your cannabis in a cool, dark place, ideally in an opaque glass container.

If you’re not able to consume all of your weed before it starts to lose its stickiness or freshness, don’t worry! You just learned that there are ways to revive dried-out cannabis.

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