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Does Your Medical Marijuana Card Work In Other States?

Medical marijuana reciprocity states usually allow patients to use their cards to access dispensaries. However, some states are more lenient than others in this regard.

Currently, 36 states across the United States, including the District of Columbia, have medical marijuana programs. Considering so many states now permit the use of medical marijuana, it makes sense to wonder if you can use your medical marijuana card in another state.

If you are a certified medical cannabis patient traveling within the US, there are a few options for you to continue using your herbal medication. Because medicinal cannabis programs vary by state, we’ve put together an in-depth overview that covers all you need to learn regarding medical marijuana reciprocity in the US.

What Is Medical Marijuana Reciprocity?

Before getting into the specifics, it’s essential to comprehend how the idea of reciprocity relates to medical cannabis. Medicinal marijuana card reciprocity emerges when one state’s medical marijuana program accepts the validity of another state’s medical marijuana card and certificate. If you have a valid medical marijuana card in one state, you can use marijuana legally in another state if you travel there. However, you will be subject to the rules of the state you are visiting.

For holders of state-issued medical cannabis cards, 11 of these 36 states, including Washington, DC, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, presently grant medical marijuana program reciprocity. However, each state has its own set of reciprocity regulations. Depending on the state you are visiting, you may need to fill out a “visitor application” before traveling, sign documents within a local dispensary, or present your medical marijuana license or other form of identification before buying anything at a dispensary.

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Please be aware that not all states allow medicinal marijuana patients to purchase all kinds of cannabis products. For instance, in some states, patients with medical conditions may not be permitted to consume cannabis-infused treats like cookies or smokable flowers.

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States That Accept Out-Of-State MMJ Cards

Medical marijuana reciprocity states usually allow medical cannabis patients to use their cards to access dispensaries and buy their medication. However, some states are more lenient than others in this regard. To be eligible to purchase cannabis out of state, patients usually need to present both an ID and a current state-issued medical marijuana card. The following states accept out-of-state medical cannabis cards:


Visitors who have a valid state medical marijuana card from their home state, or an equivalent, may possess and consume medical cannabis in Arizona. One ounce of marijuana can be possessed or consumed by qualified non-residents. Please remember that out-of-state patients cannot make purchases at Arizona-licensed dispensaries.


Before being allowed to buy medicinal marijuana in Arkansas, non-residents must apply as visiting patients and have a medical marijuana card from their home state. Application costs $50 and can be processed within 14 business days. If permitted, visiting patients in Arkansas have a 30-day period to buy medical marijuana.

Please be aware that even though medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas provide delivery, you will not be qualified for it since the product must be delivered to the location indicated on your medical marijuana license, which will be an address outside Arkansas. Visitors who are not residents must buy their medical marijuana there.


Hawaii’s out-of-state patient program is open to non-resident adult and minor medicinal marijuana patients (together with their legal guardian/caregiver) who have valid state-issued medical cannabis cards. This program permits out-of-state patients to possess, use, and purchase marijuana from authorized dispensaries in Hawaii. Every two weeks, registered out-of-state patients may buy up to four ounces.


Patients with a state-issued registry card or another form of identification may buy medicinal marijuana from a licensed dispensary in Maine. For a rolling 15-day period, a maximum of 2.5 ounces of cannabis products may be purchased.


In Michigan, anyone with a valid state-issued medical marijuana card and an ID card can buy marijuana for medical purposes. However, dispensaries may choose to sell or not. Hence, verify again with your preferred dispensary to see if out-of-state patients are accepted.

The maximum amount of cannabis you can own or buy is 2.5 ounces. Due to the requirement that the delivery address matches the address on the medical cannabis card, out-of-state medical marijuana patients cannot obtain medical marijuana through delivery providers in Michigan.


Patients with state or local government-issued medical marijuana card holders can buy medicinal marijuana from a licensed dispensary in Nevada.

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New Hampshire

Due to restricted reciprocity, visitors who meet the requirements may only have two ounces of useable cannabis in New Hampshire. Visitors must present verification of a valid state-issued medical cannabis card and a note from their doctor confirming they have a qualifying medical condition (as specified by New Hampshire law). Please be aware that visitors are not allowed to purchase medical cannabis from a dispensary.

New Mexico

Patients may apply for a “reciprocity license” at an approved dispensary in New Mexico if they have a valid state-issued medical cannabis card, driver’s license, or another form of identification. Before visiting your preferred dispensary, make sure to phone and confirm that this service is offered, as dispensaries must be authorized to grant reciprocity licenses.

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You must complete paperwork at a recognized dispensary to get a reciprocal license to buy medical marijuana in New Mexico without paying taxes. In-state and out-of-state patients visiting patients are permitted to possess and buy up to the exact amounts of medicinal marijuana. Every 90 days, 230 units may be purchased (8 ounces of dried cannabis flower). 200 milligrams of foods, topically applied substances, or


Patients under 18 and those with US state-issued medicinal marijuana cards are allowed to apply for temporary patient IDs in Oklahoma. For 30 days, visitors to Oklahoma with this temporary ID can buy, use, and cultivate marijuana lawfully.

Puerto Rico

You’re in luck if you have a medicinal marijuana card from the US and are traveling to Puerto Rico! With a legitimate state-issued medical marijuana card, Puerto Rico permits reciprocal use of the drug. Upon arrival, you must sign up at a nearby dispensary and provide identity verification for your state-issued medical marijuana card.

Please be aware that visitors are not permitted to purchase dried marijuana flowers. It is legal to buy medical cannabis cartridges or infused goods.

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Rhode Island

Rhode Island offers complete reciprocity for US residents with out-of-state medicinal marijuana cards. To register as an out-of-state patient, go to a Rhode Island medical cannabis dispensary with your government-issued ID and state medical marijuana card. Every 15 days, medical marijuana patients from within and outside the state may buy up to 70 grams of cannabis.


Medical cannabis users traveling to Utah with a severe ailment (as defined by Utah) and who have a valid state medicinal marijuana card are eligible to apply for a “non-Utah resident card.” Residents of Utah who have lived there for fewer than 45 days can also apply for a card designating them as non-Utah residents.

With this card, qualified new residents to Utah and visiting patients may buy marijuana from authorized dispensaries there for 21 days.

Washington DC

Non-residents must present a state-issued photo ID, their government-issued medicinal marijuana registration information (either in physical or digital form), and their prescribing doctor’s name and license number. Please be aware that NuggMD-issued medical cards are ineligible.


Cannabis-related laws are subject to change throughout time. Ensure to confirm any applicable legislation with the state’s cannabis bureau or the neighborhood shop you’ll be visiting before traveling.

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