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Things You Can Make With Leftover Marijuana Stems

Cannabis stems are incredibly versatile and  easy to utilize. Here are some ways to repurpose them instead of tossing them in the trash.

One of the old adages of marijuana smoking has been to exclude sticks and stems. While true in smoking, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a place at the table for those remaining little twigs. 

In fact, cannabis stems are incredibly versatile and rather easy to put to use. With just a few items, you can put these once considered unwanted elements to highly effective use. 

Instead of tossing a valuable piece of the plant, re-use them in one of several ways:

Make a Hot Drink

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Stems work well with teas and other hot drinks like cocoa thanks to its relatively quick infusion process and its potent effects. You’ll need to decarboxylate your stems, then ground them down before placing it in a filter as you would tea. In a few minutes, you should have a strong cup of chai. 


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Sometimes referred to as Green or Golden Dragon, all it takes to create a batch is some stems and high potent grain alcohol. Keep in mind you will need a Mason jar’s worth of seeds and about a week’s time, which calls for light daily maintenance to ensure the process is moving along smoothly. After about a week, strain the mixture, and you should have a fast-acting consumption method on your hands. 


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Marijuana stems are perfect for infusing butter to be used in an array of recipes. Grind approximately an ounce of stems in a food pan, then mix with the butter. Simmer for a little under an hour and let the combined ingredients cool in the refrigerator until it reaches an ideal consistency. 


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You don’t have to consume the stems at all. Instead, stems can be used in infusing topicals to treat several conditions from muscle pains to bug bites. With the ability to make skin lotion to lip balm, several methods and recipes can get you started on your own creations. 

Cannabis Extracts

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Extracted cannabis products offer consumers a more potent consumption experience. With stems, you have two approaches to creating hash. One is a more time-consuming process, which takes several hours. Another method using rubbing alcohol, a bit of shaking and a coffee filter can take just a few minutes. 

Whichever option you choose, remember that marijuana stems are worth keeping around for a rainy day project. Store them in a jar or sealed bag until you have enough to put them to use. 


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