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Want More From Your Marijuana High? Try This

The more you use marijuana, the more likely it is for the herb to become less effective. Here are some tips on getting a little more buzz out of your highs.

After consuming marijuana for years, it’s tough to find novelty with the drug. This isn’t a bad thing; as people grow up with cannabis, they develop their healthy routines and find their groove with the substance. Still, sometimes people want new things and a tolerance break, while helpful, is not your only option.

A few simple tricks, like mixing foods and different activities with your cannabis use, can help you craft a new cannabis experience.

Mixing cannabis with foods

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Mango and mango juice, when consumed alongside cannabis, has long been associated with intense highs. Many speculate that this is due to the fruit’s myrcene terpenes, which are also present in cannabis, with these elements interacting with each other. Mangoes are also healthy, making them a great option for the munchies.

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Another food that has been associated with strong highs is nuts, which contain fatty acids, which bind with cannabinoids and make your high hit you faster. Sweet potatoes are also a trick worth using, putting you in a good mood, something that might help if marijuana makes you paranoid.

Pairing cannabis with different activities

Don't Trust CBD Workout Gear
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Marijuana is a substance of routine, producing different responses depending on the way in which it’s used. If you smoke it on the couch, while working out, or while with friends, you’ll have different responses. For example, channeling all of your marijuana focus into physical activity can be really effective, especially if you’ve never done it before.

Smoke in a closed space

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Also known as “hot boxing,” smoking up in a confined space amid the fumes can get you high pretty quickly, something that can be verified by a lot of high schoolers. While it might not be super healthy for your lungs, if you’re looking to get high and stay high on a rare occasion, hot boxing is the way.

Mix things up

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If smoking just isn’t what it used to be, try out different methods of consumption. If you’re a smoker, try vaping or consuming edibles. If you prefer joints, try using a bong or a vape pen. A switch could trick your body and provide a much-needed fresh start, making your highs stronger and longer-lasting.

Take a tolerance break

Marijuana Tolerance
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If nothing else works, you might just need to take a break. Marijuana’s lessening effect is due to the fact that your body becomes desensitized to the plant’s psychoactive effects. Most seasoned users swear by this trick. Just like with any other substance, this practice gives your body a cleanse of sorts, providing you with a fresh start.


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