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What Are The Fastest Ways To Get High

There are several ways in which you can get high, with some more fast-acting than others. Here are some ideas to consider.

There are a variety of methods in which you can get high, all with their pros and cons. Among these is the time in which marijuana hits you. For instance, inhaled cannabis is absorbed through the bloodstream, producing a quicker high than edibles, which are absorbed through the stomach lining.

Still, while weed absorbed through the bloodstream is faster than most other options, there are small differences between each method, from joints and dabs, to cartridges. Here are some of the fastest ways to get high:


Are Stoners Ditching Joints For Dabs And Vapes?
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Dabs are quick and powerful, which is why they’re usually recommended for people who have experience with cannabis and have developed a certain tolerance to it. Dabs are very strong because they’re concentrates, containing mostly THC and terpenes, that are vaporized once you apply heat to them. With a dab, you’ll likely wait a couple of minutes before feeling high.

Vape pens

'Quit Vaping' Searches Dramatically Increased Following Lung Vaping Illness
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Another fast-acting method is THC pens, which, again, are concentrates that act very quickly. They’re usually stronger than flower, since the concentrates eliminate much of the elements that are present in cannabis, leaving terpenes and the cannabinoid people are looking for, like THC and CBD. If you’re looking for something fast-acting, the more THC there is, the better.

Gravity bongs

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Gravity bongs are another quick-acting method of consuming cannabis. Since they’re water-based, it’s easier for people to inhale more vapor, which tends to be thick and cloudy. There’s also no burning sensation, making it easier and more pleasant for people to take really big hits.


What Are The Fastest Ways To Get High?
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Steamrollers are a type of pipe, designed to get the hit to reach you as soon as possible. They’re simple, usually consisting of a pipe with a straightforward design that gets the smoke straight to you after you light the bowl. Steamrollers produce bigger tokes, resulting in thicker hits.

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