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What Is Dabbing And Is It Right For You?

Dabbing is more popular than ever, mainly because of its potency and technological advancements that allows for easier consumption.

Dabs, or dabbing, is known in the cannabis community as consuming concentrated cannabis oil extracts. These extracts come in several consistencies and textures, with names like rosin, budder, bubble hash and several others. 

The popularity of dabs has soared in recent years. This is largely due to the potency of concentrated cannabis oil and the ever-evolving technology around dabbing that’s making consumption easier as the market matures. 

While popular, dabs have their detractors. This is especially true concerning medical patients. However, despite its fair share of opposition, some stand by dabbing as viable medical option.  

Rapid Onset Times

Unlike an edible, which can take 30 minutes to two hours to take effect, a dab should provide a patient with near-immediate onset effects. Meaning, pretty much the moment the person inhales vapor, they can begin to experience the effects of their medical cannabis. This type of relief is considered beneficial for those suffering from immense pains who need relief at this very moment. 

Higher Potency

Smoking has the same near-instant onset effects as mentioned above. However, its THC content pales in comparison to a dab. Though the potency, or strength, of cannabis strains has improved over the years, most current crops are unlikely to reach past 30%, often falling well short. 

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With dabs, however, potency tends to double or triple the most potent flowers on the market. While some have voiced concerns that dabs are too strong and can impact a person THC tolerance, others commend extracts for providing relief other products can’t in such small dosages. For example, a chronic pain patient may find relief in smoking one to two joints. Whereas, the same person may find similar effects in one or two hits from a dab rig.

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Possible Purity 

Cannabis extracts can be produced using a variety of methods. Some involve solvents, like butane or CO2. Others use solventless methods such as heat pressure and ice water. Depending on the method chosen, some brands and consumers may label an item “pure.”

This title is given out either because the extraction process used no solvents in its creation, or because of the components of the plant extracted. Such components often include the plant’s most useful cannabinoids and its terpene profile, which produces the product’s aroma, flavor and effects. 

Improved Ease of Consumption

Not too long ago, doing a dab meant investing in a rig. Dab rigs were often intricate pieces of glass that resembled a more robust bong. The size and complexity often left rigs overwhelming to novice consumers and pricey to even many enthusiasts. 

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In recent years, however, dab rigs have shrunk considerably. The large glass rigs still exist, but many have scaled down in size to hand-held or tabletop glass pieces. Some have even gone the electronic route, eliminating the need for a torch while enhancing the consume-as-you-go aspect all the while. 

While people can continue to make their case for either side of the argument, research suggests that additional studies are required


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