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What To Do If Your Weed Gets Wet Or Is Just Too Moist

Your stash getting wet is not the end of the world, but you must act properly to salvage it. Here’s how.

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It often happens that you find your weed moist or it accidentally gets wet. What you do next after this discovery is weirdly not as popular as it should be.

First, you want to ask yourself if wet or moist weed is good for smoking or consumption. Then the possible actions that can be taken on the wet weed to make it still suitable for use. If you do not have most of this information already, do not worry. Here are some different things that can be done to take care of weed when it gets wet.

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Is Wet Weed Good or Not?

When weed gets wet, unlike dry weed, it can pose a great deal of health risks to users. The major forms of these health risks are tied to the fact that wet weeds create good conditions for mold spores.

Inhaling these mold spores or smoking these wet weed samples invariably leads to symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and coughing. This act can also promote allergic reactions with symptoms such as wheezing, sinus pain, inflammation of the lungs, and so on.

Patients who have cardiovascular issues weakened immune systems, and lung diseases are at grew risk when smoking moldy weed. It is therefore important for users to take proper care of their weed before use.

What Happens to Weed When it Gets Wet?

A common question cannabis users ask is if cannabis loses its potency when it becomes wet. Many who have accidentally spilled water on their weed have gone ahead to discard it thinking it has lost its potency and flavor. But this just isn’t true.

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Cannabinoids and terpenes are responsible for the potency and flavor of cannabis strains and thankfully they are both water insoluble. This means the water present in the weed will not make it lose its taste and effect. However, the growth of mold spores on such weed can still render it useless.

How To Identify Wet or Moist Weed

There are samples of weed that are not outrightly wet yet they are too moist for the intended use. It is therefore important to be able to identify such types of weed.

The simplest way to identify the weed that is too moist is by making use of physical senses such as your hands, eyes, and nose. When you touch properly dried week, it has a certain feel to it. The buds easily snap when you try to bend them. Likewise, it gives a crinkle and crunch sound as the leaves and calyxes break apart. You can also grind the weed to see if it breaks apart easily or sticks together. Wet weed sticks together while dry weed can be grinded easily.

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Wet or moist weed can also be identified using the scent it gives off. Properly cured weed gives off a very strong and unique aroma depending on the terpene profile of the strain. Wet or moist weeds tend to be grassier in their smell. The presence of moldy is also identifiable with the pungent and unpleasant smell of ammonia. Burning the weed can also be used to separate wet and dry weeds. Dry weed will burn evenly while smoking while wet weed will not burn evenly or even not burn at all.

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How to Treat Wet Weed

Now that we have seen the downsides of smoking wet weed and how to identify it, we will move into how to treat wet weed. There are a number of things that can be done to help dry wet and make it suitable for use. We will be looking at some of the common steps that can be daily taken to treat wet or moist weed.

  • Dry weed with rice

This method is quite common because it is used to dry other materials like wet cellphone batteries or laptops. Rice is a good adsorbent and it easily absorbs moisture from materials. You can easily put the buds on paper cloth and dip them into a container of rice. Allow the buds to remain overnight after which most of their water content would have been absorbed.

  • Dry weed with a cardboard box

Just like rice, cardboards are good absorbers. You can dry your wet weed by placing it on small cardboard. Seal the cardboard and wait for 8 hours or preferably overnight to speed up the drying process.

  • Dry weed with a paper towel or paper bags

Paper towels and paper bags are also good absorbers. For paper towels, wrap the cannabis bus with different layers of paper towels. Store the paper towels in a cool, dry place and wait for 4 to 8 hours to complete the drying process. The same process can be repeated while using paper bags.

  • Dry weed with humidity packs

Humidity packs help to regulate pH levels and they can come in handy when used in curing jars to dry weed. They can help to ensure the buds reach their desired temperature for dryness while maintaining their integrity. It is however important to note that they can only be used for weed that has been previously dried or cured.

  • Dry weed with an oven or microwave

It must first be stated that this method should only be used as a last resort. This is because it can affect the quality of the weed as extreme temperatures affect quality. To get the best result, first, preheat the weed to 120 degrees before lining the oven with a baking tray. Bake the weed until it becomes dry to touch and ensure you check concurrently to avoid burning the weed. The time to use in the oven depends on how wet the weed is.

Bottom Line

It is obvious that your weed getting wet is not the end of the world, but you must act properly to salvage it. Once you identify that your weed is wet or too moist, you can easily use any of the methods outlined above to dry it. It should be noted that to efficiently dry your kush, it’s paramount you employ the proper drying methods and techniques.

This article originally appeared on and has been reposted with permission.


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