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Federal Drug Agency Needs Weed Hookup For Research Purposes

The National Institute on Drug Abuse shared that it’s looking for new partnerships to help them expand their cannabis research.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) shared this past Friday that they’re on the lookout for cannabis partners who can supply them with marijuana to research. The organization has faced ongoing criticism regarding the marijuana it uses for studies, which more closely resembles hemp than the kind of product that’s used by the majority of the population.

NIDA shared a notice where they listed what they’re looking for, making it clear that the marijuana must belong to facilities that operate under the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) approval.

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Marijuana facilities would have to “produce or procure cannabis, cannabis extract and other cannabis-derived materials for basic and clinical research, and conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis, stability determination, and recommended storage conditions for these products for approved research.”

The organization hopes to conduct research on all cannabis compounds, from THC and CBD, to cannabinoids like CBN, CBC, CBG, and more.

Marijuana remains difficult to analyze due to its status as a Schedule I drug. But now that the plant is getting legalized across the country, it’s become increasingly important for authorities to develop a better understanding of cannabis and what it can do to the population on a long term basis.

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NIDA has historically had a conservative point of view regarding drugs, including marijuana. This makes sense, since their efforts are to control and solve drug abuse. Still, it’s about time for them to expand their understanding of the drug. Magnifying their criteria and creating new partnerships with cannabis sources is just another step in painting a more accurate picture of the drug and its impact on the population.


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