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Here’s Why Women Are Using Cannabis During Pregnancy

A new study found that women used cannabis to deal with one pregnancy symptom in particular.

Women have been increasingly using cannabis throughout their pregnancies. This change, likely prompted by an evolving perception of the drug, has many experts concerned since the side effects of cannabis haven’t been all that studied, particularly applied to pregnant people.

According to a new study, pregnant people use cannabis to treat a variety of symptoms, primarily morning sickness.

The study, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, interviewed 52 pregnant people who had experience with cannabis before their pregnancy. (The term “cannabis” in this study refers to a variety of cannabis products, from smoking flower to consuming cannabis edibles.)

Pregnant Women With Depressions 3 Times As Likely to use Marijuana
Photo by Camylla Battani via Unsplash

Thirty research subjects continued to use cannabis during their pregnancy, using it to manage a myriad of side effects. But the one they brought up the most was morning sickness, calling cannabis the most effective way of mitigating it.

Researchers say that most of the people who were interviewed were well informed on the topic of cannabis and weren’t simply using it as a way to have fun. These people considered their options and concluded that cannabis was the most natural and least invasive form of treating their symptoms. Still, the majority of researchers don’t agree with these statements.

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Experts advise against the use of cannabis while pregnant and breastfeeding, principally because the drug is understudied and there are a lot of questions that remain. While there have been no direct links discovered, some studies have found connections between cannabis and a variety of harmful side effects in children, including low weight at birth and the development of learning and attention problems in later years.

rolling a cannabis joint
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More research is needed in order to provide an answer to those who are pregnant. While cannabis is not the fearful drug that many painted it out to be in years past, it’s still a drug with unknown side effects that could impact young children. It’s important to have an open discussion with medical practitioners, who’ll suggest alternative methods of coping with the side effects of pregnancy.

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When it comes to health care practitioners, they should be aware that cannabis is growing more and more popular. They should ask their patients directly whether or not they use it, and provide a nonjudgmental alternative that can help them manage their pregnancy symptoms.


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