4 Features That Prove Smartphones & Social Media Are Addictive By Design

Smartphone and social media addiction is no joke. Here are four features that make it really hard to put our phones down. 

You Can Now Buy A Rose Gold iPhone X For Only $4K

A London based company has created an iPhone X that's covered in 18K of rose gold and that has a price of more than $4,000.

3 Tricks That’ll Help You Fix The Most Common Smartphone Problems

While you won't be able to fix every problem yourself, there are several things anyone can learn to do to improve the performance and life span of their smartphone.

Xiaomi’s New Phone Looks Like The iPhone X And Might Be Even Cooler

Of the thousands of iPhone lookalikes you might be surprised to discover that one of the most original versions comes from a relatively unknown Chinese company.

Sneak Peek: iPads With iOS 12 Will Be Bananas

An Apple developer recently tweeted a screenshot of iOS 12 code that may suggest that Apple will be launching a new iPad with Face ID, but that's just the beginning.

New Report Claims iOS And Android Apps Are Misusing Sensitive Data

Recently, users have begun to question apps that store their private and most sensitive data.

How To Take Amazing Photos Of Fireworks From Your Smartphone

We’ve all tried to take pictures of an eclipse with embarrassing results. Fireworks are similar.

How To Download Apple’s iOS 12 Public Beta

Apple's much anticipated iOS 12 will be released in the coming months, but the beta version is out for testing for those who are eager to get their hands on it.

Why Cheap Chargers And Cords Will Ruin Your iPhone

There have always been rumors claiming that cheap chargers ruin phones, but no one really knows why.

Experts Claim They Can Already Hack Apple’s New Security Feature

Apple has announced a new security feature that claims to make it even harder for authorities and security companies to crack devices.