1 In 7 People Used Cannabis In 2017 And Other New Pot Stats

More than half prefer to smoke it.

Marijuana Concentrates: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

If you have ever stepped into a legal cannabis retail store, you know don't have noticed the huge shelf space reserved for various marijuana concentrates.

Can Marijuana Concentrates Go Bad? 

Most properly stored concentrates have a long shelf life. In some cases, as long as they are not exposed to the elements, it is nothing for these items to stand the test of time.

How PAX Plans To Truly Become The ‘Apple Of Marijuana’

As the cannabis industry expands into a more mainstream platform, PAX is changing how it approaches its consumers, and becoming something more “mission-driven.”

Differences In Marijuana Highs: Flowers, Edibles and Concentrates

Every individual has their own personal relationship with cannabis. No matter how they’re imbibing or how frequently, there is ritual and appreciation that goes into the experience.

Study: Does Marijuana Dabbing Cause Cancer?

Marijuana dabbing, the increasingly popular method of inhaling high-potency concentrated cannabis, may be hazardous to your health, according to a study.

Everything You Need To Know About Marijuana Concentrates

If smoking a joint holds no interest for you, try these potent marijuana concentrates that you can vape, smoke or put in your drink!

7 Very Simple Steps To Successful Marijuana Dabbing

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What You Need To Know: The Current Cannabis Concentrates Market

Legal marijuana markets, whether medical or recreational, have opened the doors for tech companies to comfortably invest time and energy in the cannabis space.

Marijuana Recall: This Time It’s Pesticides In Concentrates

La Bodega is recalling a certain batch of medical marijuana concentrates that could contain unsafe levels of pesticide residue.