Half Of Women Prefer To Spend Time With Their Dog Than Other People

It's hard to define the love we have for our pets. But Purina did their best to put a percentage behind those feelings, specifically pertaining to dogs, with their 2018 Pets and People Survey.

Vets Say They’re Seeing More Dogs Being Poisoned By Marijuana

More and more dogs are getting hauled into the emergency room because of marijuana. Vets say cases of weed poisoning are skyrocketing among man's best friend.

Science Shows How Dogs Understand Language

Who’s a good boy? What kind of question is that? Don’t be patronizing. The question’s rhetorical, and...

Dogs With Epilepsy: Can CBD Oil Help?

One of the more prevalent reasons behind marijuana as a medicine is its capacity as a pain management tool.

Latest Marijuana Lie: Legalization Leads To Drug-Sniffing Dogs Being Euthanized

Add this tall tale to the endless list of reefer madness fibs: Marijuana legalization will force law enforcement agencies to euthanize drug-sniffing dogs because they won't have jobs.

5 Important Facts About JiffPom, Instagram’s Most Famous Dog

Earlier this week, Mark Zuckerberg invited JiffPom, a ridiculously cute Pomeranian named Jiff, to help him announced Instagram's new augmented reality filters at the annual F8 conference.

Introducing Petzbe, The Social Media App For Dogs And Cats

Petzbe, an Instagram-style platform with a strict no-humans policy—even their CEO is a Brussels Griffon named Angus.

Science: You’re More Likely To Land A Date If You Have A Dog

It's kind of a cliche by now: a guy with a dog is more attractive. See: 'Must Love Dogs,' 'You've Got Mail,' and every other romantic comedy of the last 20 years.

Pets And Marijuana: We Need A Whole Lot More Research

In all of the excitement of the evolution of the new cannabis industry, one group of patients is often left out of the conversation—pets. While many cannabis enthusiasts bemoan the need for more research, the same is doubly true for pets.

Barbra Streisand Really Loved Her Dog, So She Cloned It Twice

Rich people have a lot of benefits, among them—loving their pets for longer than the rest of us because that's just the way the world works.