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Does Your Child Suffer From Seizures? Here Are The States With...

There are now 17 states in the nation where children can legally use this drug as opposed to traditional epilepsy treatments. However, some of these laws are better than others.

Topical CBD: The FDA Stance On Hemp Derived CBD In Cosmetics

Before looking closely at FDA’s answer there, it’s important to understand how the FDA defines cosmetics.

The PGA Tour Is Now Telling Golfers Not To Use CBD

In a PGA Tour newsletter sent to players last month, the Tour told players that “CBD products (like all supplements) pose a risk to athletes because they have limited government regulation and may contain THC."

FDA Issues More Guidance On CBD Products

The FDA apparently isn’t taking as hard a stance against cosmetics as it is against foods.

Glaucoma And Medical Marijuana: 5 Informative Facts

Medical marijuana glaucoma treatment can help reduced eye pressure and relieve pain. Here's what you need to know about using cannabis for eye health.

Avocados Are Recalled In 6 States Over Possible Contamination

A set of California grown and packed avocados that have already been shipped to different states are currently being recalled over possible listeria contamination.

CVS Partners Up With Curaleaf And Will Now Sell CBD Oil...

After much mystery, CVS confirms that they’ve partnered up with Ceraleaf, and will begin to sell CBD Oil in 800 of their locations.

CBD Regulations Could Take Years, Warns Outgoing FDA Chief

The only tried and true way to solve the problem promptly is for Congress to intervene. Then there would be no question on the matter of CBD’s legality.

Is FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb’s Resignation Good Or Bad For Marijuana?

The cannabis industry is in a bit of a panic right now over the news that Scott Gottlieb, the commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is resigning from his post.

What CBD Shutdowns Mean And How To Fix The Problem

While the 2018 Farm Bill clarified that hemp is not a controlled substance, the legislation did not resolve lingering questions related to federal food and drug regulations which protect consumer safety.