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High For The Holidays: 5 Weed-Centric Trinkets To Celebrate

Decorating your home is a very personal endeavor, and if you’re a marijuana enthusiast, why not let some of the greens shine brighter than others?

Wassail Prep: 5 Drink Pairings For Your Delicious Holiday Feast

Give your drinking a cultured and complementary purpose by matching each drink you take down with an equally toothsome dinner course.

There’s Now A Word For When Your Ex Reappears During The...

The relationship ended a long time ago and now you want back in? What is it about the holidays that makes us want to get back together with an ex?

VOTE: Which Of These Christmas Light Displays Is Most LIT?

Each Saturday leading up to Christmas, we will feature nine holiday light displays we think are particularly worthy of Instagram fame. From your desktop, vote for your favorite!

No Regrets: 5 Ways To Embrace Your Holiday Weight Gain

If you hate being surrounded by cakes, cookies, candy canes, cocktails and any other sugar-laden indulgences, you may not be a huge fan of of another "c" word: Christmas.

10 Perfect Tweets About Christmas Tree Struggles

While we’re sure that during these incidents the people involved weren’t having the best time, all of us readers can appreciate their misery from a safe distance.

10 Best Types Of Marijuana For A Joyous Holiday Season

For some of us, it's the best time of year: Friends, family, gift-giving and some time off work. For others, it's a time of stress, travel nightmares and hangovers.

5 Secrets From Disneyland’s Holiday Decorator

Cathy Carson is a holiday decorator for Disneyland. She talks about what it takes to be a theme park decker of halls. And it sounds exhausting. 

6 Gifts Every Cannabis Queen Wants For Weedmas

When you love someone who is an avid cannabis fan, it may be hard to pick a consumable that fits their taste, but a cannabis accessory is a perfect "in".

Science: Christmas Music May Be Bad For Your Health

"Winter Wonderland" and "Jingle Bells"? Not so fast. Too much of a good ting can spark a mental breakdown at a time when you're already over-stressed.