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The Science Behind Marijuana And Migraines

It's estimated that over 1 billion individuals worldwide suffer from the debilitating pain of migraines. And now new research shows that CBD may help.

Super Bowl Champ Percy Harvin Used Marijuana To Cope With Severe...

Even Super Bowl-winning athletes suffer from anxiety, but cannabis can help manage those symptoms.

5 Ways Medical Marijuana Can Help You Deal With Chronic Pain

If you are part of the 20% of Americans facing chronic pain and you haven’t yet turned to marijuana as an option, here’s what you need to know about the way medical marijuana can help you deal with pain.

Here Are 10 Types Of Marijuana That Can Relieve Your Migraines

Migraines and the symptoms that come with them, suck. The light sensitivity, the throbbing and the nausea. Here are 10 types of marijuana that can help.

5 Painful Medical Conditions Topical Cannabis Products Can Relieve

Not only is there medical evidence surrounding cannabinoids’ ability to help treat these conditions and their symptoms, but there’s also a significant amount of anecdotal success stories too.

5 Super Common Health Issues Marijuana Can Fix

At some point in our adult lives, everyone turns to an over-the-counter remedy for an illness at home. For many common ailments, however, marijuana can be a natural alternative.

A Little Bit Of Cannabis Can Ease That Tension Headache

There are a lot of types of headaches to be had, from the headache you got when your boss asked you to come in on Saturday, to the throbbing head crunchers to horrific cluster headaches.

Consuming Medical Marijuana Is Proven To Help Migraine Sufferers

What do you do when prescription medication is not giving you the quick and effective migraine relief you desperately need?

Marijuana May Heal Migraines Better Than Prescription Drugs

People who suffer from migraines spend significant time and energy to prevent, manage and recover from the painful ailment.   Here is a remedy...

10 Types Of Marijuana That Will Fight Your Migraines

Headaches are just a symptom of the fun that migraines are responsible for, the most prominent ones being nausea, muscle pain and insomnia.