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5 Classic Horror Flicks And What To Drink While Watching Them

Ian Dinsmore, movie reviewer and founder of Drunk Sunshine, to get his list of horror films to watch and paired the movies with select wines and beers.

This Is The #1 Movie Americans Watch On Halloween

As you get ready to queue up some of your favorite horror flicks , you might be interested to know that the movie most Americans watch on Halloween isn't even scary.

5 Tips To Help Cowards Watch Scary Movies

For the uninitiated, watching horror flicks is a seemingly awful activity, one that makes them wonder why someone would submit themselves to the discomfort.

How Marijuana Sparked The Friendship Of Michael Douglas And Danny DeVito

The Hollywood stars have been pals for more than 50 years, all thanks to a simple joint on the beach.

Meme Of The Week: Twitter Has Some Suggestions For ‘Call Me...

The movie has an ending that's somewhat open ended. It's sad and beautiful, and, if done right, might allow for a great sequel. Twitter is here for suggestions.

Did Michael Jackson Almost Play James Bond?

According to superstar agent Michael Ovitz, had MJ pushed and gotten his way, he would’ve become the first black James Bond in the franchise’s history.

MoviePass Is Forcing Subscribers To Join Again With A New Plan

The good part about all of this is that MoviePass is trying out an unlimited subscription plan, which is the main reason why people were using MoviePass in the first place.

Cobra Kai: How The ‘Karate Kid’ Spin-Off Is A Social Parable...

Cobra Kai offers insightful commentary on a divided U.S. society, tackling issues such as gender politics, cyber-bullying, intergenerational learning and family relations.

Oscars Cancel New ‘Popular Film’ Category Because Everyone Hates The Idea

The new category left many film lovers, critics, directors, producers, and actors angry and confused over the difference between the "best popular film" award and the year’s "best film".

Rotten Tomatoes Is Overhauling Its Rating System

On Tuesday the company announced that they were making changes to address criticisms of including diverse, nontraditional voices.