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Meme Of The Week: ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Trailer Released, Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

Few things have sparked as much Internet outrage than Sonic The Hedgehog‘s big screen adaptation. Months ago, when the teaser poster was released, people cowered over the sight of Sonic’s hairy and human-like legs. His sneakers were awful and his thighs were muscled, and people said no, thank you.

This week, the official trailer was released and it was mayhem. The outcry was such that director Jeff Fowler had to make a statement, tweeting that their team was already working on giving Sonic a new design, something potentially disastrous when the film is meant to be released this November.

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Although I feel really bad for everyone involved in the making of this film and their upcoming work load, I have to ask: how was this character’s design even approved?

Maybe the team took a page out of Detective Pikachu‘s book, another video game adaptation that took some liberties when it came to the translation of the beloved creatures into a live action format. Still, this version of Sonic is a far cry from Pikachu.

Here are some of the best and meanest memes we found online:

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