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5 Wellness Products To Make Your Life Easier

A product won’t be able to fix your life, but it can serve as a helpful reminder to take care of yourself and enjoy the little moments.

Self-care and wellness are overused terms, yet people can’t get enough of them. It’s understandable; we all want stuff that can help us take better care of ourselves and if buying a book that tells us how to do it helps, then it’s at least worth purchasing.

A product won’t be able to fix your life, but it can serve as a helpful reminder to take care of yourself and enjoy the little moments. Wellness products can do different things for you, but most should make you happier and rested, whether they make your skin feel smoother or they’re extremely relaxing (ahem, cannabis). Here are 5 wellness products that can make your life easier:

Portable sunscreen

The Summer Skinny On CBD Sunscreen
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Summer is nearing its end, but we still have August to endure and it’s important to protect our skin from the sun, something that a lot of us forget to do often. For sunscreen that stays on your skin for long periods of time and doesn’t leave those annoying white streaks, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face & Body Stick Sunscreen is a great option. It’s small and portable and thus a great item to have on you during your remaining summer weekends.

Noise-canceling headphones

Don't Trust CBD Workout Gear
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Noise-canceling headphones are the best. Even though they’re more expensive than the average headphones you buy at your nearest convenience store, you tend to be more appreciative of these and not lose them as much. They can make a run feel better and improve your performance or make your subway commute much more pleasant. For something cheap and useful, Eritex MBits are wireless and Bluetooth compatible. If you want something a little more high-end, there’s Beats Studio Buds. Just don’t lose them.

A portable vape

NC Mayor Accidentally Includes Vape Pen In Social Distancing Post
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There’s nothing more convenient than a vape pen. These guys are discreet, portable, and make it easy and great to toke up when feeling stressed or bored. Brands like Pax make great vape pens that are flavorful and smooth and are also amongst the most popular cannabis products on the market. They’re very easy to find if you live near a state with legal marijuana

A weighted blanket

Teens With Sleep Issues Are More Likely To Binge Drink And Use Cannabis
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Just because weighted blankets are trendy doesn’t mean they don’t work. These blankets not only relieve anxiety but can also help you sleep like a baby by staying on you throughout the night and preventing you from moving too much. There are tons of options to choose from on Amazon, from cheap ones to those that are a little more expensive.

Cannabis drinks

Why Cannabis-Infused Drinks Are Hit Or Miss
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Alcohol sadly doesn’t qualify as self-care, which is why a cannabis drink might be your next best option. These drinks are growing in popularity, even if they’re not as popular as you’d expect cannabis drinks to be. If you’re looking for a drink that can give you a fun buzz while also eliminating the possibility of a hangover, products like Cann or Wunder come in delicious flavors and are good choices.


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