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Things To Consider For A Visit To A Naturopathic Doctor

Make sure to set benchmarks for your healing and timelines to gage how the treatment is working so you can evaluate whether or not to continue.

Do natural remedies work?  Today, many people are embracing eastern medicine practices like acupuncture, reiki and Ayurvedic medicine to supplement or replace western medicine. Here are some things to consider for a visit to a naturopathic doctor.

While there is still a fair amount of controversy over whether naturopathic medicine has good, effective results, many people are turning to it to treat recurring persistent ailments and diseases and some are having good results.

A naturopathic doctor is commonly referred to as an alternative medical practitioner and is generally licensed and regulated by state licensing requirements. If you decide to explore healing with an ND, you should make sure they are licensed in your state, are experienced and have received good reviews.

An ND is someone who treats illness by using natural or herbal remedies in place of — or as a complement to — prescription drugs. They believe in identifying the cause of an illness, not just relieving the symptoms. As part of their treatment, they may prescribe herbs, supplements, massage, acupuncture or even, filtered water. They will guide you on what to take, the dosage and length. They should also be able to track your progress. Some act as an alternative to your primary care physician.

Relieving Pain With CBD And Acupuncture
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Here are four things to consider before/during your first visit:

1. Does your health insurance cover naturopathic medicine and does the ND have remedies available at his/her office or are they accessible locally or online?

2. Some NDs specialize in particular illnesses or diseases. You may want to research if one is available near you.

3. Decide whether you are looking for a prescribed remedy or a lifestyle change that an ND can help you with, and see if they have other alternate therapies available on site, such as massage, acupuncture, or chiropractic sessions.

4. Consider whether any prescription drugs will be replaced or contraindicated by any of the ND’s recommendations. You may want to check with your doctor.

No matter who you use, you should set benchmarks for your healing and timelines to gage how the treatment is working so you can evaluate whether or not to continue.


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