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How To Use CBD To Combat Your Thanksgiving Food Coma

Since CBD reduces inflammation and supports liver health and can help manage nausea, it works as a digestive aid that can help alleviate any groggy feelings that arise post-feast.  

Many Americans partake in that annual Thanksgiving tradition of stuffing themselves with turkey and the trimmings and then finding themselves couch locked. This time their mobile state is caused by tryptophan and not THC.  

For those unfamiliar with tryptophan, this essential amino acid is the key ingredient in making serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for elevating and balancing people’s moods. When tryptophan synthesizes serotonin, the chemical reaction produces the hormone melatonin, which regulates people’s sleep patterns. When one consumes turkey which contains tryptophan with massive amounts of carbohydrates, the body can become very sluggish. 

Short of foregoing this feast, what can one do to avoid moving around zombie like after dinner? CBD may provide some answers. First, since CBD reduces inflammation and supports liver health and can help manage nausea, it works as a digestive aid that can help alleviate any groggy feelings that arise post-Thanksgiving feast.  

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Also, as CBD contains less than .3% THC, it does not have the psychoactive properties found in cannabis that contains higher levels of THC. Hence, one can be medicated at the dinner table and remain alert and focused without giving off a stoner vibe. In addition, CBD can help calm one’s nerves and reduce anxiety, thus helping to prevent one from getting triggered from familial stressors such as that moment in the meal when one’s right wing relative goes into rant mode. 

Consuming CBD at Thanksgiving 

Even though hemp derived CBD is now federally legalized, family members may not want to be around someone smoking up a storm.  The most discrete way to consume CBD products during a family get-together would be edibles. Capsules or gel caps look like vitamins and can be taken very discreetly. Tinctures are another option especially if the tincture is water soluble and can be easily added to drinks or food.

How To Use CBD To Combat Your Thanksgiving Food Coma
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Gummies and other candies are also discrete options, though one should be mindful these items often have a high sugar content on a day when sugar consumption is likely to be much higher than usual. As chocolate produces a sedative reaction on its own, a CBD infused chocolate edible is probably not the best choice for those wishing to remain alert. 

For those new to consuming CBD, start small by taking a product containing 5 to 10mg of CBD. Take the product thirty minutes to an hour before the Thanksgiving feast will be served. Then increase the dosage gradually as need be. 

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In addition to the dosage, be mindful of the terpenes present in the particular CBD strain used in this product. In particular, look for strains high in limonene that have an uplifting citrus effect and will help perk one up. 

When taken in small doses Linalool, the terpene found in lavender, can have a calming effect without putting one to sleep. Be careful to avoid any CBD strains high in humulene, as this is the terpene also present in beer that produces an intoxicating drowsy effect. However, both linalool and humulene can be very effective sleep aids should one find it difficult to turn off one’s mind after an intense day of holiday happenings.


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