Saturday, June 3, 2023

Amy Hansen

Amy Hansen is a Pop Culture enthusiast, who is obsessed with all things Royals. When she's not judging Meghan Markle's footwear, she's probably watching an unhealthy amount of reality TV or correcting someone's grammar.

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A popular household hack involves using Coke instead of traditional cleaner to scrub your toilet bowl. A kid named Chase wanted to find out if Coke has the same effect on another type of head: yours. Specifically,...

Gene Wilder’s Best Food Moments In Film

By now, most of the world has learned that Gene Wilder has died, joining his beloved Gilder Radner as co-stars on the forever stage in the sky. The 83-year old died of Alzheimer's Disease, which he was...

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Everyone's favorite big brother, the guy who feeds you ice cream and Whopperitos when mom and dad aren't home, is at the center of a little mall drama in Florida. Joey "I'm not in a band anymore" Fatone,...

The US Open Isn’t Messing Around With Its Food This Year

When August 29th rolls around, there's a chance people will be talking about the US Open in terms of what they ate. Thwarting the tradition of forgettable stadium dining offerings, this year the sporting event has brought in some...

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