Monday, November 29, 2021
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Watch This Guy Try To Chug A 500 Tic Tac ‘Smoothie’

Peter Czerwinski, better known as Furious Pete, is a competitive eater in Canada. He’s also going trough cancer treatment, which is why he has a shaved head in his recent videos. With a YouTube following of nearly four-million, he thought he’d give his subscribers a treat by attempting to overcome one of his toughest battles yet: drinking a mixture of water and 500 Tic Tacs.

Sounds easy, right?

Last May, Pete attempted to eat 1,000 Tic Tacs in five minutes, but it proved to be way more difficult than he had intended. He went back to the drawing board and decided he’d blend the rock hard candy to make it easy to digest (and more tooth friendly). Watch him go for round two:

Here’s Pete attempting his initial Tic Tac challenge. Choice quotes include: “I do not recommend doing this,” “This is not easy, not easy at all,” “I shouldn’t have had cereal before this,” “I was not prepared for this, whatsoever,” and “This is just stupid.”

Warning: If you hate swallowing pills, this might be hard for you to…swallow.

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