Monday, January 17, 2022

Jordan Smith

Hailing from Cleveland, OH, Jordan Smith has experience writing about a wide variety of topics ranging from music to marketing & technology. Some of his hobbies include gaming, sports, TV and Pop Culture.

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How Supply Chain Problems Have Impacted The Cannabis Industry

If retailers can’t sustain their business models as-is, there’s no telling what that means for consumers in the long-term.

3 Big Differences Between Vaping Cartridges And Raw Concentrates

Vaping cannabis has become just as popular as rolling a blunt or taking a bong hit in recent years.

Is Cannabis Better For Sports Injuries Than Traditional Painkillers?

The sooner the sports world accepts cannabis for its medicinal properties, the better life will be for everyone involved.

3 Reasons Why Big Tobacco Could Take Over Legal Cannabis Sooner Than You Think

Big Tobacco is much better positioned to enter and dominate the recreational cannabis space than those migrating into the industry for the first time.

Trick Or Treat: Tips For Keeping Candy Edibles Away From Children

Marijuana edibles can have detrimental health effects when taken unintentionally.

Are Attitudes About Marijuana Changing Within The Catholic Church?

Many people associate strict prohibition of cannabis with outdated War on Drugs era propaganda. But does the Catholic Church fall into that category?

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