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Bowls And Bongs Are Out Of Favor

As technology around personal vaporizers continues to develop, it’s fair to assume that the likelihood of people leaving their glass paraphernalia in the past will only increase.

The world of cannabis consumption has expanded well beyond the realm of bowls and bongs. The advent of vaporizers have added a significant amount of variety when it comes to the choices of smoking paraphernalia on the market.

A lot of cannabis enthusiasts have a comfort level with their glass accessories that can be hard to break. That’s the case even though there are a handful of reasons to leave glass in the past.  

They Are Highly Fragile

One of the downsides that come with having a reliable, trusted glass piece is that it can be destroyed in the blink of an eye. When people who mostly use glass pieces to consume marijuana don’t have a dedicated safe spot for it, they’re especially susceptible to costly accidents. The bigger the piece, the more difficult it is to find somewhere safe to keep it.  Complicating matters even further, lots of water pipes have multiple compartments that can be damaged with improper handling.

How Often Should You Change Your Bong Water?
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They Can Be Difficult to Clean

One of the reasons why people prefer to smoke out of glass accessories instead of with papers or blunts is because they provide a cleaner experience free of resin. Additionally, they provide the opportunity for people to enjoy their cannabis in lower quantities which makes their stash stretch further. While the benefits of using glass accessories are clear, they only remain true when they’re properly cleaned.

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Cleaning glass accessories is vastly different from cleaning other glassware you ordinarily use on a daily basis because cleaning the stains that come with the resin that glass accessories accumulate with regular use is tricky. One tip for properly cleaning glass accessories is to keep some rubbing alcohol, salt and cotton swabs nearby for reaching those hard to get areas where resin seems to be the most present.

What Happens When You Smoke Two Cannabis Strains From The Same Bowl
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They’re Nearly Impossible to Travel With

Unlike one-hitters and vaporizers, most glass pieces are fairly difficult to transport safely. That’s the case because most glass pieces are conspicuous and tough to fit into a pocket or purse. They also contain components that can be easily broken or lost. On the rare occasion when people do find a glass piece that’s easy to take on the go, it doesn’t provide the level of discreetness that other devices like vaporizers do. The use of glass is typically accompanied with big clouds and residue that make it nearly impossible to conceal.

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Since there are so many characteristics about glass accessories that are an inconvenience to users, it wouldn’t be surprising to see their popularity wane in the coming years. Especially as technology around personal vaporizers continues to develop, it’s fair to assume that the likelihood of people leaving their glass paraphernalia in the past will only increase.


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