Friday, September 30, 2022

Lydia Kariuki

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This State Just Halted THC Testing For Drivers

THC is believed to impair driving by prolonging one’s reaction time.

If THC Percentage Doesn’t Matter, Why Not Just Smoke CBD?

A recent Forbes article suggested that THC percentage is the cannabis industry’s biggest lie.

Why Males And Females Respond Differently To Cannabis

Males and females can share a joint but end up having very different experiences. Here's why.

Yes, CBD Is Psychoactive — Here’s Why

Both CBD and THC cause the blood-brain barrier, meaning that both are psychoactive.

Study: Regular Cannabis Use Not Linked To Anhedonia (What Is Anhedonia?)

For many decades, weed has been “guilty as charged” when it comes to every negative social and psychological trait. But a new study has shown otherwise.

THCV: The Fusion Of Two 21st Century Billion Dollar Industries

Both weight loss and cannabis are multi-billion dollar industries that are on a positive growth trajectory, and are on the radar of multinational drug companies.

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