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Maria Loreto is an editor for The Fresh Toast. She has experience writing about culture, TV and lifestyle and has written for different publications. She was born in Venezuela and is based in New York.

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Why The NFL Will ‘Eventually Catch Up’ On Marijuana, According To Ricky Williams

While the NFL’s announcement of its new cannabis study is a start, Ricky Williams believes the NFL “is eventually going to catch up” to the general public’s view of marijuana.

Selfie Craze In Toxic Siberian Lake Alarms Authorities

Police have had to increase the security on the Siberian Maldives toxic reservoir because tourists are sneaking in to take pictures of the artificial lake.

4 Ways To Relieve A Marijuana Hangover

While it is not as crippling as one brought on by an overindulgence in alcohol, it can still make it difficult to function in the morning.  

Where Do Federal Agencies Stand On CBD?

While we have written on these agency policies individually, we thought it would be helpful to recap these opinions under one blog post.

This NBA Coach Apparently Rolls The Best Blunts In Basketball

Steve Kerr's NBA Championship secret just might be his ability to roll marijuana blunts.

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