Monday, November 30, 2020

Michael C. Bryan

Michael C. Bryan is a bi-coastal writer who has written numerous essays, plays, novels, films and TV shows. He is author of the memoir, Creepy Kid which he’s adapted as a feature film and the upcoming TV series Woodridge. He’s written, directed and produced a teaser trailer of the Creepy Kid franchise which will be released summer 2017. His memoir won a national contest sponsored by Huffington Post and Simon and Schuster. He is a contributor for the Huffington Post as a blogger and writer. He’s the author of the upcoming self-help book, The Pocket Guide for Depressed and Really, Really Anxious People (which he’s dedicated it to himself). His new TV series The Life Coach has been optioned by Netflix and his next series Beautiful Monsters is being considered by Hulu and Amazon Studios. In his former life, he spent over 25 years working with Fortune 500 CEO’s, actors, directors and producers as a special advisor. He spent nearly two decades working as an assistant at Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Tribeca Productions (Robert DeNiro), with producer Michael Flynn (Ed Wood, Beastly, Remember The Titans) producer Art Linson (Fight Club, Heat, The Untouchables), director Joan Micklin Silver (Crossing Delancey, Hester Street), ICM, CAA, and countless theater companies. As an actor, he’s been in numerous commercials, TV shows, theater shows and web series in Seattle, Los Angeles and New York. He’s pretty sure he never did a stag film when he was younger, but he’s not making any promises.He studied Playwriting with Tony-winner Tina Howe. Three of his plays were produced off-Broadway (The Trial Of Mr. Gatsby, Sex & Love, Under The Sun). He’s performed four solo shows off-Broadway (Me & Julie Andrews, Taking Flight, My Life As A Whore, I’m Becoming My Mother). He earned his advanced BA from NYU in Dramatic Writing with an emphasis on Film and Television Producing. He also studied in the writing program at Emerson College in Boston (and slept with the Dean, but that’s a whole other story). At NYU his screenplay, Black Angel, a cutting-edge thriller, won the coveted Lake Placid Film Festival. He’s also a certified spinning and yoga instructor teaching classes in impoverished neighborhoods, and is the Founder of the successful coaching company MCBHappier which keeps Michael on the straight and narrow (well, bisexual and narrow). He’s based in New York City and Los Angeles and someday soon, Paris.

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