Monday, June 17, 2024

4 At-Home Hacks To Make Your Marijuana High Last Longer

Smoking weed produces effects that generally last for short periods of time. If you’re looking for simple ways of prolonging your marijuana high for whatever reason (because you’re running out of weed or because you don’t want to waste any more money) you can try these four simple solutions.

Even though these methods are not scientifically proven – because research in this area is extremely lax –  there’s enough anecdotal data gathered from all over the web that makes us believe that this list is worth your time. 


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The pairing of marijuana and mangoes works really well, especially when consuming the fruit some time before you smoke a joint or bowl. Mangoes work best when consumed raw and juicy, but the effect it has on you depends on your body and the type of marijuana you’re consuming. Mangoes contain myrcene, a chemical that’s also in marijuana, interacting with each other and producing a stronger and lengthier high.


According to, tea contains antioxidants that make a smooth combination when paired with cannabis, binding with our cannabinoid receptors. This combination will improve your mood and it’ll also produce a relaxing, mellow, and long lasting high.


Nuts are a great option for the munchies, satisfying your craving and providing a healthy amount of calories that won’t make you feel super guilty. They also contain large amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids, which bind with the cannabinoids in marijuana.


While not only prolonging the high, drinking a beer will also make it extra strong due to the alcohol (that increases the THC’s power) and the terpenes that are available in hops, the raw form of beer. There’s a reason why these two are such a pleasant and common pairing.


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