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4 Perks Of Taking A Cannabis Tolerance Break

Cannabis tolerance breaks are popular and effective methods of rebooting your body’s response to THC. Here are some perks you might experience if you choose to take one.

When discussing cannabis tolerance breaks, you may ask yourself why you should even go through with them. Marijuana is relatively harmless and, for those who use it to treat a condition, it’s a relieving compound that can assist in pain management among many other discomforts.

Just like any other addictive compound, the repetitive use of cannabis increases our tolerance. In the case of weed, the more you consume it, the less responsive your endocannabinoid system becomes, specifically to THC. While this may not be a problem at first, the more time that passes, the more tolerance you’ll build. At some point, you’ll find yourself smoking a full joint and feeling no effects, which is inconvenient, expensive and frustrating.

Tolerance breaks are deliberate time-outs from cannabis with the purpose of resetting your body’s resistance to THC. The effect of cannabis on the body remains a little mysterious, but most people believe that at least two days have to pass for a tolerance break to become effective. Those who consume cannabis several times a day might need a longer break in order to experience the full benefits. It’s a trial and error process; if you’re a heavy cannabis user, it might work best for you to reduce your intake before taking the plunge and going cold turkey for at least a week.

Here are 4 benefits of taking a cannabis tolerance break:

Vivid dreams

People Are Choosing Marijuana Over Sleep Aids
Photo by kevin laminto via Unsplash

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Marijuana is a great sleep aid, helping people go to bed and stay asleep for most of the night. One of the side-effects of  cannabis is the the reduction of REM sleep, which limits your capacity to dream. If you undergo a tolerance break, you might experience some particularly vivid dreams, which can be fun if you’re into that sort of thing.

Minimizing THC dependance 

While cannabis addiction is not all that understood, heavy cannabis users do experience symptoms of withdrawal when they take a break from THC. Symptoms include headaches, irritability, trouble sleeping and restlessness. Taking a cannabis break can be a good thing in the long run, decreasing your body’s dependence on THC and reducing the chances of these symptoms from reappearing  in the future.

Increasing the effectiveness of cannabis

most marijuana users smoke to unwind while listening to rock music poll finds
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Resetting your system’s tolerance to THC will allow you to experience larger amounts of relief once you come back to the drug. This means more euphoria, more pain relief, more sleepy effects and better highs.

Save money

One of the biggest reasons why people take cannabis tolerance breaks is to save money. While building tolerance is good for helping people understand the drug and learn how it works with their bodies, it becomes a problem when you have to consume double the amount of weed to get the same high. A tolerance break will allow you to save money and  make your weed last longer.


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