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7 Easy Ways To Lower Your Marijuana Tolerance

7 Easy Ways To Lower Your Marijuana Tolerance
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It happens to just about everybody who enjoys cannabis over a long period of time: The amount needed to feel the psychoactive effect grows and your marijuana tolerance level gets out of whack. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t get back to that old feeling you loved when you were a newbie.

No need to worry. Here are seven simple ways to adjust your cannabis intake to get back in the groove:

Take A Break


Duh. This is the most obvious — and the one many consumers simply don’t want to do.

Some of you may be patients suffering from chronic pain, PTSD or other ailments that require daily consumption. If this is your situation, there are other methods below.

And there are some out there (studies say it is anywhere between 8-11 percent) that have a physical dependence. If this is your situation, please address the issue. See a doctor. Talk to a healthcare professional. Do NOT simply continue what you are doing.

But if you are like most of us, a tolerance holiday (or T-break) should do the trick. If you have been using cannabis for a prolonged period of time,  your system becomes desensitized. When you constantly put THC in your body, the receptors that bind to it become compromised. Give your receptors a chance to recuperate.

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Commit to at least a two-week break from marijuana; a month is better. It may sound difficult for some of you. You may become irritable or moody. But it is certainly doable. Try it.



Believe it or not, physical activity can lower your tolerance level. Doing just a little cardiovascular exercise before consuming cannabis will allow you to use less and still feel the effects. In short, exercising will give you more bang for the buck.

And if you are running or hiking, consuming a small amount of cannabis beforehand will make the experience more enjoyable.

Let’s be honest, if you are sitting around listening to music or watching TV, you will be more prone to reach over and take a hit. If you are outside doing physical activity, you’re more likely to enjoy the experience.

Besides, we could all use a little more exercise in our life.

Skip The Wake And Bake Session


For some of you, the wake and bake routine is as common as drinking a cup of coffee. It’s just a habit you are accustomed to. Well, give it a rest.

If you refrain from consuming cannabis first thing in the morning, your body will slowly begin to adjust. Wait until the afternoon for your first toke of the day. After a few days, wait until the evening for your initial session.

You will enjoy the experience more and you’ll cut back on your tolerance level.

Use Less Per Session


Another obvious suggestion, but it simply works. If you roll joints, go out and buy smaller papers. Or roll pinner joints for a month or two. If you are into blunts, move to joints.

If you dab, give it a break and move to a different form factor. If dabbing is the only method you do, then simply use smaller amounts of wax.

Use A Different Type Of Weed


Often times, simply switching strains will help you adjust your tolerance. If you are buying a high-THC strain, try a lower-THC strain. If a heavy indica strain at night is your thing, go with a hybrid strain or something not as heavy. If sativas are your go-to strain, experiment with something a little more relaxing.

Give your system something new and it will help you cut back. Your receptors will adjust and you will need less cannabis.

Invest In A Chillum


Chillums (or one-hitters or dugouts) are an excellent way to reduce your intake. These devices are designed for on-the-go consumption and allow for only tiny amounts of ground herb.

These are individual tools not meant to be passed around. So you may be consuming by yourself a little more, but you  might find you are using much less.

There are various kinds of cbillums (glass, metal, wood, etc.). Find one that fits your style and give it a go.

Practice Mindfulness


Yep. I’m going to throw this one in the mix. Practice mindfulness. Ask yourself a few questions each time you reach for the weed: Do I really need this now? What if I skip on this session and get in touch with what my body is telling me? Will meditating or taking a brisk walk help? Is my pain so severe or can I wait an hour?

If you truly listen to your body and follow what it is telling you, chances are you will use less. Sometimes a difficult situation you are experiencing can be resolved without consuming cannabis. Maybe being in the real world and not feeling euphoric is what is required at the moment.

I know some of you will dismiss this one out of hand. But if you practice mindfulness, you will find an inner peace that will allow you to eschew the piece.

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