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5 Common Benefits Of Sativa Strains

Cannabis strains aren’t as important as people think they are. Still, some key effects have been associated with sativas separate from others.

As two primary cannabis forms, sativas and indicas become associated with certain behaviors and effects. However, the value of these definitions has lost weight over time. Their effects are not as clear cut as the names sativas and indicas make it out to be, with experts now understanding the multiple variations inherent in cannabis plants, as well as how these variations impact people differently.

Even though sativa strains can change depending on the user, there’s a few effects that are associated with them. To have more certainty over these effects, your safest bet is to visit a dispensary and have an open talk with your budtender. That way you can discuss the effects you’re looking for and your level of experience with the plant.

Here are 5 of the most popular benefits associated with cannabis sativa strains:


While indicas are associated with body highs, sativas are associated with head highs, which at times can translate to bursts of creativity and thinking outside the box. These strains tend to avoid any sleepy feelings, meaning that if you feel creative and high, you also won’t feel like falling asleep when trying to get something creative done. These strains are a good idea for when you want to do something expressive, whether that’s writing, painting or making a sculpture.


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Since sativas are known for their head highs, they’re also known for their sometimes paranoid-inducing effects. While these are unpleasant, when users have some experience with them and know how to manage them, these effects tend to keep people active and on their feet, motivated to work out, put things in order and get some work done.

Anxiety relief

Though most cannabis strains are good for providing some anxiety relief, sativas have the added bonus of helping you stay active. Exercise and movement is a really good way of keeping your anxiety at bay.

Good for social situations

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We all have experiences with some form of social anxiety. But for some people, the dread of hanging out with others or being put in specific social situations takes a big toll on their mental health. Cannabis is not a cure all. That said, the stimulating effects of sativas can help people loosen up in social situations, adding a happy boost to their self-confidence that makes it easier to hold conversations with others.


If you’re looking to have a good time and are willing to find stuff to do to keep you busy, sativas should be your go to. Happiness and euphoria are some of the biggest effects associated with it and are some of the biggest reasons why sativas are some people’s go to cannabis strains.


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