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4 Things To Know Before Getting A Medical Marijuana Card

Medical marijuana programs vary from state to state. Here’s what you need to know before obtaining a patient card.

Plenty of states have programs for medical marijuana, but these tend to change significantly from place to place, making the process of obtaining a card very different depending on where you live. In general, in order to qualify for one of these programs, patients need to have an ailment that appears on a list from the state. While some states are lenient, others are strict and it’s important to know the rules on where you live.

A medical marijuana card is tied to where you live, allowing you to purchase different products from dispensaries. They could even allow you to grow plants in your home, use cannabis delivery services, provide marijuana to someone else, and more.

Medical marijuana programs tend to curate their cannabis, ensuring that the product you get is safer than the one you get from an illicit market. There should be no negative side effects to owning one of these cards, except for the fact that you may have to wait a bit for them and pay a fee.

Here are 4 things you should know before getting a medical marijuana card:

Know your state’s rules & regulations

Medical Marijuana Patients Can Get Into Trouble Without Proper Packaging
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Plenty of states have legal marijuana programs, with all them varying in terms of how quick the process is and the amount of documents you need to apply. Google your state and read about their policy on medical marijuana; if they have a program in place, you should quickly find a list of qualifying ailments. Be sure to read up on the matter before you make an investment of time and money.

Get a letter of recommendation from a doctor

Most states require medical records that prove your condition. One of the things that can prove your ailment without a doubt is a letter of recommendation from your doctor. They might even contact your state’s medical marijuana program and do part of the work for you.

Proof of residency

Marijuana Prescriptions
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Medical marijuana cards are individual to each state, meaning that you need to prove that you live there in order to reap the benefits they provide. Without some form of ID, be that a passport or a driver’s license, it’ll be hard to get your license.

Remember that each state is different

While medical marijuana cards used to be limited to each state, legalization hasĀ  changed things, with some states allowing the use of medical marijuana cards from other states. You might run into some issues depending on the condition you have or the product you’re looking for but it’s worth investigating.


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