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5 Healthy Munchies To Fit Almost Every Diet

Getting the munchies isn’t an excuse for inhaling a platter of nachos. Regardless of what type of eating plan you’re on, here are some healthy alternatives that won’t leave you with munchies remorse.

For some, cannabis can make them peckish, a side effect known in stoner parlance as “the munchies.” This common side effect is often listed as a reason medical marijuana patients use cannabis, as cancer treatments can cause a loss of appetite. Unfortunately, devouring fistfuls of Cheetos isn’t really the healthiest thing to do, and a lot of snack foods are incompatible with popular diets such as paleo or ketogenic. Fortunately there are plenty of options out there that satiate the munchies that also work on specific dietary plans.

Air-popped popcorn

A tried and true snack, popcorn is satisfying to eat, but it’s also gluten-free and paleo friendly. Another plus is that it doesn’t take a lot to feel full, although some toppings might not be so healthy.

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Instead of fake butter or cheese flavorings, try olive oil and sea salt, or drizzle some hot sauce, such as Tapatío to give your munchies a little kick. Try adding a few shakes of nutritional yeast to give it a cheezy flavor (vegans swear by this stuff).

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Baked plantain chips

These tasty potato chip alternatives are vegan and paleo-friendly, and naturally gluten-free. They’re crispy and salty with just a hint of umami. They can be eaten straight-up with a little salt, or dunk them into most any dip you’d pair with french fries, potato or tortilla chips.

Dried seaweed

Another alternative to chips is dried seaweed, which is vegan, paleo, keto-friendly and gluten-free. They are also low in calories and come in nearly as many varieties as potato and tortilla chips, so finding a favorite may prove to be either easy or difficult.


Packed with nutrients and protein, nuts are also vegan, keto, paleo friendly and gluten-free. Nuts can also compliment other snack foods, such as cheese, dried fruits or meat.

Photo by Flickr user s58y

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Pickled or fermented veggies

These guilt-free munchie go-tos are full of flavor and low in calories. These gluten-free, vegan, paleo and keto-friendly snacks are available in all kinds of ways, covering a range of cravings including sweet, spicy, tangy. From sweet little gherkins to spicy kimchi, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Stoner munchies don’t have to break your diet as there’s loads of snacks to choose from, but always check the label or ask questions to make sure there aren’t added ingredients that you’re avoiding.


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