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5 Most Common Questions About CBD Topicals

CBD can be found in lots of skincare and pain relieving products, but the compound is still shrouded in some mystery. Here are the most common questions consumers have.

Despite the fact that CBD makes a lot of money for both big and independent companies, a surprising amount of people don’t know what the compound does or where it comes from. No matter if you think it’s crazy that someone will swallow or put something on their bodies without knowing what it does, we have to recognize that the CBD industry is confusing. It’s common and okay for people to be a little bit unsure.

Here are 5 of the most popular questions people have Googled about CBD topicals:

What is the purpose of CBD lotions? 

What Is The Functionality Of CBD’s Presence In Skincare Products?
Photo by Linda Prebreza via Pexels

CBD lotions can be used for a wide variety of medicinal conditions and, depending on the other components in the lotion, can produce myriad results. CBD is primarily known for its anti-inflammatory effects, which is why there are so many CBD lotions designed to target chronic pain, arthritis, eczema and the like.

How many mg of CBD should be present in the topical in order to have some effect?

Top 5 CBD Skincare Brands That Celebrities Love
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Since the FDA has only approved one type of CBD product (for epilepsy), there’s still no set dosage that the industry has to follow. Each product contains different dosages of CBD, with some topicals containing different potencies, from 750mg to 1000mg. It’s important to read the label of the product you’re using and to follow their instructions in order to avoid wasting your product needlessly or messing with their intended effects.

Can CBD lotion make you fail a drug test? 

Why Businesses Are Dropping Mandatory Marijuana Drug Testing
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While drug tests detect THC and not CBD, some CBD products contain trace amounts of THC, which could trigger a positive result. This isn’t very common and the risk of this occurring is almost zero when using CBD lotions and topicals.

Can CBD lotion prevent wrinkles? 

Could CBD And Cannabis Eliminate The High-Cost And High-Stakes Of Current Psoriasis Medicines?
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If used in the right product, CBD can help manage wrinkles, yet there’s not one product that can completely prevent them. Wrinkles are an irreversible process that can be slowed down by exposing your skin to collagen and antioxidants. The most effective measure you can take is to keep your skin hydrated and to shield it from the sun.

Can you have a bad reaction to CBD? 

The Latest Report From The FDA Shows How Poorly It Has Handled CBD
Photo by athima tongloom/Getty Images

There hasn’t been a lot of tests conducted on CBD, meaning that the reactions that have been documented have been mostly anecdotal. While CBD hasn’t been associated with allergies, the cannabis plant has. Male cannabis plants are the ones that produce pollen, but they’re also the ones that produce the least amount of CBD, so these kinds of allergies are unlikely.

CBD oils have been associated with fatigue, diarrhea, loss of hunger and more, especially when consumed in large amounts. When it comes to CBD topicals, negative side effects haven’t been thoroughly documented. Even if there’s little research out there on the compound, most experts believe that the topical use of it comes with no negative side effects.


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