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5 Of The Hottest Jobs In Cannabis

Cannabis jobs pay 11% more than the average salary in the United States. Cannabis is hot and the range of cannabis jobs is even hotter.

Cannabis is an industry and the boom in jobs has been huge. Even with some layoffs and business closures, cannabis is beating the manufacturing industry in job creation. The Motley Fool states that the North American cannabis market is expected to grow by 28% through 2021. All this growth means that jobs in cannabis are going to be created for years to come.

We have already seen a boost in jobs:

  • Data shows 211,000 full-time cannabis jobs added to the United States job market. If taking into consideration part-time and indirect employment, that figure increases to almost 300,000.
  • Of all the states, Florida added the most jobs in cannabis — 9,000 in 2018 which equals a 703% increase.
  • Forbes states that cannabis is projected to reach a 110% job creation rate between 2017 and 2020.  

There are many out there looking to make the career transition into the cannabis industry and may be wondering if a job in cannabis will still allow the payment of bills and care for family. CNBC reports that cannabis jobs pay 11% more than the average salary in the United States. Cannabis is hot and the range of cannabis jobs is even hotter.

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5 of The Hottest Jobs in Cannabis and Average Salaries

  • Dispensary Manager: the overseer of daily dispensary operations and sales; $48,634 annually.
  • Cannabis Grower/ Cultivator: the people that work the Cannabis farm, overseeing the growth of Cannabis plants; $14.00 hourly.
  • Cannabis Trimmer: the specialists that oversee harvest: cutting/trimming the flowers from the stems; $13.85 hourly.
  • Cannabis Budtender: referred to as sales associates, this position is the happy face behind the counter, similar to a bartender; $12.54 hourly.
  • Extraction Technician: the scientist responsible for extracting oils/cannabinoids/ terpenes from the Cannabis plant; $16.15 hourly.

Salaries vary by company, location, and recreational vs. medicinal legality. Because cannabis is a newer industry with many people wanting to make a transition, a lot of newcomers are in competition for getting hired.  

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Preparing for a Job in Cannabis

Preparing for the transition of a new job in cannabis means self-mastery/self-motivation. Cannabis is a new industry and something that employers like to see: prospective employees that take ownership of their career development. Though job training is almost always offered, it is always a plus when employers see that candidates have already started the process on their own. It shows leadership that the candidate took their personal development seriously for a transition into a new industry.

Interested in landing a job in the booming cannabis industry? Here are some online training institutions that can help get you started: Cannabis Training University, THC University, Cannabis Training Institute, Clover Leaf University, The Trichome Institute.


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