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5 Reasons Weed Is Not Affecting You

Marijuana can affect people in different ways. Here are some reasons why you might not be feeling the hit after a smoke session.

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to the cannabis experience. Nowadays, there are dozens of options to try, from strains to different methods of consumption. Some people prefer strains that make them sleepy while others prefer ones that produce an energetic and joyful effect. And then there are those consumers who just don’t see what the fuss is about because they’re not feeling the effects.

While cannabis can be used for multiple purposes, it should provide the consumer with an experience that’s soothing and pleasant. If every time you smoke, you’re not getting anything out of it, there must be an explanation behind it.

Here are 5 reasons why weed might not be affecting you:

You inhaled wrong

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It may sound silly, but inhaling smoke is not easy, especially if you haven’t smoked anything before. It takes a few tries for people to get it right. In order to successfully inhale smoke and get cannabis into your bloodstream, you must inhale through the mouth, deeply until you feel your belly expand. A lot of people think that holding in the smoke will produce a stronger response, but this is likely their brain tricking them due to oxygen deprivation. Exhale slowly, that way you can minimize the risk of a coughing fit.

It’s your first time

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It’s very common for first-timers to have a strange first experience with cannabis, sometimes not even knowing what they feel. As is the case with most things, ingesting cannabis takes some practice. Your body needs to learn how to get high, recognizing how it feels. Some experts also mention a cannabis “sensitization period,” which is a period of time where you won’t experience that high feeling due to your body getting developing more cannabinoid receptors as you start exposing it to more THC.

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You’re using a consumption method that doesn’t work for you

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Whenever you try out a new cannabis method, it works to assume that you’re starting from scratch and are going through another sensitization period. Edible highs and inhaled highs are very different, so it’s important to be exposed to these methods several times before you get a grasp on how that particular high is supposed to feel like.


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Your genes might also play a role in the way in which you experience cannabis highs. Data shows that people with the genetic mutation in the AKT1 are more likely to experience paranoia and anxiety when smoking weed. There are also people who naturally have more endocannabinoids than others, experiencing stronger highs. This all means that there’s no way of predicting the way in which cannabis acts on your body. Everyone is different, and the only way to learn what works for you is to try out different things.

Tolerance levels

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Cannabis tolerance levels are very important. Many things can impact your tolerance, from your age, genetics, and frequency of consumption. Tolerance plays a part in how your body reacts to cannabis, with some people only needing one hit to go off on an anxiety spiral, while others can smoke more and feel very little. Try out different methods and amounts of cannabis you ingest, getting a feel for what your body responds to.


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